As the 5 year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing comes upon us, the subject of his death and the causes thereof, have become a hot topic of conversation once again.

Many feel that the poor treatment and abuse from those surrounding Michael Jackson, including the concert promoters, AEG, contributed to his downfall and death.  This was the basis for the law suit that Mrs. Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, brought against the concert promoters.  Below, a video showing these facts, as well as Tweets from Karen Faye, who was Michael Jackson’s long-time makeup artist, who shares her recollections of what happened during that time.

Sobering thoughts….

You have no idea what this is like.  He is a self-loathing, emotionally paralyzed mess…I just slapped him. …I slapped him on the butt. ~ Randy Phillips of AEG



Video by Kelly LaFleur

 Karen Faye’s Tweets regarding Michael’s death:

5 years ago today Kenny Ortega went with Randy Phillips to Carolwood, when Michael did not show up for rehearsals, threatening to “pull the plug” and take everything away, if he did not get it together…even could lose his children.

When KO returned to the Forum, where I/we were waiting for Michael, Kenny came into my room and told me what Randy Phillips said and did. He demanded I treat Michael with “tough love”…no more hand holding. I had to get Michael on stage. I could make him tea, if he wanted it. He said Michael would be coming in shortly.

This evening, 5 years ago, a tall man accompanied Michael to rehearsals. Pointing to the man sitting in front of the stage with a cell phone up to his ear, Kenny Ortega explained to me that was Dr. Conrad Murray. the doctor that Randy Phillips hired for Michael. One of the “top 10” doctors in the world. I was never introduced to him, and that was all I ever saw of Conrad Murray.

Michael usually smiled and we would joke around…but no matter how hard I tried, he was silent, sad and stoic this night. Knowing what Randy Phillips had threatened him with…I knew he was frightened this night, 5 years ago.

5 years ago…panic was setting in. Kenny Ortega continued to cut up Michael’s chicken breast…coaxing him to eat.

Michael began shivering uncontrollably….

I moved his space heater over to a table near the small sofa in his dressing room where he sat shaking. I wrapped every blanket I could find around his body and put my arms around him. Kenny came in to tell him to report to the stage.

I told Kenny to call his doctor immediately…Kenny returned about 10 minutes later with Conrad Murray’s only instruction “keep him warm”

5 years ago today, Kenny Ortega finally saw how sick Michael was, and sent him home.

I asked the same question to Randy Philips. Randy replied that he had called Branca in to “build a wall around Michael, so Michael would only need to deal with rehearsing”