“Know, in the end, I’ll be vindicated, I pray, because I know the truth.  I am an innocent person and I believe in God and love God.”

Michael Jackson speaking to Rev. Jesse Jackson during his 2005 child molestation trial on what he wants his fans to know.

You’ve heard all of the stories…the accusations, the stories of crazy behavior, of Michael Jackson being weird, self-hating, wacko, criminal.  But what’s the TRUTH?  We’re about to find out:

Maybe you already know the truth, but ask yourself constantly why Michael Jackson went through as much intense criticism and trial as he did.  We’re about to find out the truth about that too:

This blog series is a culmination of my own research and writing, in addition to several others who volunteered to share their research and writings with me to give a bigger overall picture.  I appreciate all of the information provided and hope that all of this information and writing, my own, along with those who were generous to share their own with me, will help provide a clearer understanding and give you the big picture.  The information below in quotations is either from another source, duly noted, or, from my own Reflections on the Dance website.  All other writing and research in the blog as a whole, and in this series, is my own.

Much thanks to blogger David Edwards who provided to me, for this piece, some of his own research and blog posts, as well as research and blog posts written by Helena O., of the VindicateMJ blog.  Along with my own in-depth research for this series, these added elements and links help to create a clearer, fuller picture of all that went on.  In addition, where it’s pertinent, I have also included previous research and pieces done by Helena O from the VindicateMJ blog, research and blog post links by blogger David Edwards, and blog post links by blogger Seven Bowie of the MJJ777 blog, all with their permission. Many thanks to them all.   Many additional thanks also goes out to others who have shared their own thoughts and statements for this blog…Richard Rossi, Jared Evans and others. 

First….If you want truth, then you must face the TRUTH!

WARNING:  This video may be offensive to some, but it’s a must for all who are ready to deal with the absolute truth of how we have treated one of our own.  This video is a wake-up call!

Are You Finally Ready For The Truth???

The Truth can be very startling and even ugly and disgusting, as you have seen above….Even now, the hate and lies continue.  Let me ask you this….could you, could YOU, PERSONALLY handle this kind of hatred and criticism day in and day out?  How do you think it felt for Michael?  

Do you believe the awful things some said in this video are true?  Do you feel the same way?  Please keep reading and viewing so you can find out the truth.

You may be a hater, or a critic.  Someone who doesn’t like Michael Jackson.  Or, you may be a fan or something in between, on the fence. This blog is for all of you.  It’s an important read.

I have always believed that taking the time to find out the TRUTH, and to understand other people in context of what you hear, is very important.

Terri Trespicio says in Whole Living Magazine “Empathy is like a camera lens:  it puts things in perspective.”

We Must Strive To Understand Others Without Judgement…To Understand Where They Come From, How They Think, To Get To Know Them….It is only then that we will “get it”, feel love towards that person and stop hate.

THIS is what Michael Jackson had to deal with every single day. The cruel, heartless, false things that were said about him because of lies and spiritual attacks that you will clearly begin to see in this blog.  

I am going to show you how everything that happened to Michael was tied into these spiritual attacks on his character, everything you saw in the news, all of the lies, and even his arrest in 2003.

So many forget that Michael Jackson was a human being, like you and I…with feelings and emotions.  Dave Dave, a long-time friend that Michael had helped said it best below: (Dave’s father set him on fire dousing him with gasoline as a child and Michael helped him throughout his life…This is why Dave doesn’t use his last name because he doesn’t want that association with his father).

“I believe what people fail to realize is that Michael was a human being.”

Dave Dave

Long-time friend of Michael’s and one of the many people whom Michael cared for and helped throughout the years

The accusations continue….with some calling Michael a devil worshipper or even going so far as to call him the anti-Christ.  The public and media still spread the lies.  It’s time for TRUTH:

Devil worshipper?  Child molester?  Man of Peace?  Man of God?  Entertainer?  Criminal?  Why so much confusion?  What in the name of all that is righteous, is going on???  And why, 2 years after his death, does all of this, persist?

These are questions I have asked myself so many times over the past several years.  First, the first sets of questions as I had to open myself up completely to all possibilities of what was truly, the truth.  If I went in with a pre-conceived notion, that would not be truth, just my opinion or my feelings.  Now, 2 years later, I ask myself how, after Michael Jackson is gone for  over 25 months, how the hatred, the lies, the rumors, the fallacies, the complete polar opposites of opinions and thoughts, still continue on with such strong, unbelievable force.

A world left to it’s own devices…humanity gone astray…fear and hate are rampant…a man accused of vile, disgusting things…an entertainer known the world over…a human being made a joke of…a man of peace and talent  turned into a man of sorrows and accusations right before our very eyes…what is going on?  WHAT is the TRUTH?

Some Things That May Shock You:

  • Diane Dimond, well-known for her scathing reports on Michael Jackson, is connected to and friendly with Tom Sneddon (the DA who prosecuted Jackson twice) as well as a prosecution witness who is a friend of the Arvizo family (the family who accused Michael in 2003) and Ron Zonen!
  • There was NO DNA or forensic evidence, whatsoever, found in the case against Michael Jackson!  NONE!
  • Jordie Chandler, the boy who accused Jackson of molestation in 1993, did NOT get the description or drawing right! (I’ll discuss this in this blog in detail)
  • Michael Jackson wanted to FIGHT the 1993 allegations and was advised not to.  He was advised to make the payout so as to not hurt his career.  Some sources even state that this payout to the Chandlers in 1994 was done so WITHOUT Michael’s consent!
  • Sneddon had, according to sources, had gone after many others due to race!
  • The Arvizo’s story (the family who accused Michael in 2003 and went to trial in 2005) completely changed several times! And, they had done this before! (details in this blog)
  • Janet Arvizo apparently lied and threatened someone she had confided her lies to, into silence 
  • That Michael Jackson was not only an entertainer/singer/dancer, but also an inventor and artist as well as a humanitarian who gave millions…but it wasn’t just money.  He gave of his time and visited sick and ill people around the world and cared very much about their healing (many don’t realize this).

We are going to cover a LOT of ground here and some will learn things they never knew.  Some eyes will be opened.  Prayerfully, some hearts will be changed.

“Michael Jackson is completely innocent of all these charges.  Even though he’s not a perfect human being, he will be found NOT GUILTY on all 10 charges, because, in fact, he IS  INNOCENT…and God had said to me, “Michael Jackson is MINE.  He belongs to ME.”

What TV Host William Wagener felt the Holy Spirit speak to him while he prayed outside the Neverland gates in 2005

If you want the TRUTH…then stick around!

Prepare to be SHOCKED at some of what you read and see!  This blog will be a multi-media journey that will clearly show the truth.

Why and How it is Clearly Evident that Michael Jackson was NOT a devil worshipper…NOR a child molester, NOR a freak….debunking these and other myths and lies, Part 1:

By Deborah L. Kunesh

The number one question I get, NUMBER ONE, is about Michael’s faith.  People write me, asking me questions about what Michael believed.  Constantly.

There’s a reason for that.

Michael’s faith was a huge part of the man he was.  A huge part of how he lived his life and why people are so drawn to him.  A huge part of why his heart was the way it was and why he gave so much and why he loved so much.  I also feel that is a big reason I was called to create the Reflections website because it all comes down to something of a very spiritual nature.

NEVER before have I ever seen a person so loved and yet so hated at the same time.  Never before have I seen a human being, so vilified, ridiculed, and torn apart by the media and subsequently, the public, especially in such an undeserving fashion.  So hated by some, due to malicious lies, and despite the fact that he spent his life doing good…WHY is that?  

WHY…2 years after his death, is there still so much hatred, so many lies, against this man?

The reason Michael Jackson is considered such a controversial figure?  Simple.  Because the public does NOT know the TRUTH!

Video by the KingofPopLegend

There’s a much deeper issue here and I have always felt that.

The video you viewed at the very beginning of this blog, to me, portrays with such accuracy, what is such a disappointment in regards to the human condition, to our state of mind, to how far we have separated ourselves from Almighty God and the way He asks us to live and the way He asks us to treat one another.  What we become when left to our own devices.  This is just so very ugly…how we can rip apart someone we do not even know, a fellow human being, going solely by hearsay, and not having the decency to even find out facts and truth before speaking such hateful, ugly, vile words.  Such innate pride and superiority spoken from a place of such ugliness of the human soul.  We just hear something and go with it.  We can do so much better than this!  We must!

Even now, there are recent stories that have come out…for instance, stating that Michael did something far worse to children than molesting them.  It’s a carrot left dangling out there on a perpetual stick in front of a gossip-hungry public.  But we must keep in mind that statements such as these and any you have heard up to this point, have been made by people whose character has been questionable and who have made a habit in their lives out of lying and deceiving people. If you’ll stick around, you will learn the truth and in doing so, come to recognize that most everything you have probably heard about Michael Jackson, is FALSE.

Stick around, because, we are going to cover a LOT of ground here.  In fact, you will, by reading this blog, begin to see how all of this is very connected (the human spiritual condition, the lies that have come against Michael) and how it all was and is, very much, a spiritual attack on a man and his character.

My hope and prayer is that by the time you are done watching, viewing and reading, you will come away with a much greater understanding about Michael Jackson, about the things you’ve heard and read, and about the truth.  In fact, I feel very certain that if you read and watch what is included in this blog, that you will come away having a greater understanding and answers to many unanswered questions.

Just a few of the things we’ll cover here…

  • Was Michael a devil worshipper as some claim?
  • The DIRECT CONNECTION between some media, like Diane Dimond, and the prosecutor in the case against Michael Jackson, Tom Sneddon.  Also her direct connection to Ron Zonen and his girlfriend (who was a friend of the Arvizo’s and a prosecution witness!)  and her connection to Stacy Brown
  • Michael Jackson’s ARREST and how that ties in to all of the false claims of being demonic
  • The number 777, what it means and why Michael wore it
  • What about the sunglasses and face masks?  Why did he wear them?
  • What about the 2005 trial and the 1993 case?
  • What about that payout to the boy’s father in 1993?
  • Was their any DNA evidence or otherwise in the case?
  • The court transcripts
  • The changing timeline of events in the 2005 case and how the Arvizo family completely changed their story
  • What about those jurors who changed their story and said they thought he was guilty?
  • What about some of the symbolism?
  • What about all of the stories I’ve heard?
  • What’s the truth about kids sleeping in his bed?
  • William Wagener’s spiritual experience outside Neverland gates….and lots more.

You’re going to see how all of these things are all connected.  We’ll cover all of this and more….

“I have always felt that the purpose of the Reflections website was not only to show the world who Michael, one of God’s own children, truly was, but also, to bring people back to the very God who created him.” Debbie Kunesh, creator of the Reflections on the Dance website

DESPITE all that you will read and see in this blog, the chilling video you viewed above depicts what Michael Jackson had to face every single day of his life.  The kind of horrifying things being said about a man who only wanted to help people and entertain people.  THIS is the kind of hate, sorrow, pain and anguish that was thrown at this poor man every single day of his life.  WHY?  Simply because he was doing God’s work.  He was using the talent that God gave him to spread a message of hope and morality and love and faith and prayer.  Simply because so many lies were spread about him, and a gullible public, including you and I, listened and questioned and doubted.

Though the content of the video may be offensive to some due to it’s language, and it is not an easy subject matter due to the outright disrespect spoken by some of the people who spoke, keep in mind that THIS is the kind of horrifying treatment that Michael endured for many years of his life and it’s cause is much of what you are going to see and read about in this blog.  If you want truth, then you must face the TRUTH!

Maybe you’re sitting here and you’re a person who has wondered about Michael Jackson….maybe you’ve cracked the jokes about him or maybe you yourself have said things like this…you need to be here….if you’ve heard the stories and didn’t know what to believe, then stay tuned, because you are going to learn a lot in this blog.  If you want truth, stick around…because that’s exactly what you are going to find out here.

We are going to cover a myriad of topics…including topics brought up in the above video….some you may or may not be familiar with, some that may shock you and some that are a complete mystery…but I feel it will be well worth your time as these topics are circulating around and affecting what people think and believe about Michael Jackson.

Not only that, but they represent who we have allowed ourselves, as a people, as human beings, to become.  How we have allowed a deadly cancer to infect our souls…a desire to destroy, rather than to love.  In doing so, it is not benign as we think.  Some of you don’t care.  It doesn’t matter to you.  Yet, it should.  We may think it doesn’t matter because it’s “just” Michael Jackson or “just” some celebrity, but in doing so, we hurt ourselves.

Michael Jackson’s life stood for so many things…love, giving, a level of talent that could only be described as genius.  What happened to Michael Jackson throughout his life, at the hands of the tabloids, media and the public, is a lesson that we MUST LEARN…and if we don’t, if we don’t pay attention, we are in trouble.

We are becoming what we should loathe the most…we are becoming….hate.

This is a loaded blog, so make yourself comfortable and make sure you have your favorite cup of coffee or tea at hand and maybe even a meal or two 😉

I will tell you that this has been the most physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting project I’ve done since the creation of the Reflections on the Dance website, and also, I feel, the information contained herein, rivals the topics covered on the site as far as importance.

“He clearly molested children” and other false, incriminating sound bytes the media uses to twist your mind…

Let’s start with one heading right out of Home base.  The newscaster in the above video stated as a matter of fact that “he clearly molested children” and how she used to prosecute sex crimes and this was a classic case.

Well, guess what?  She had no idea what she was talking about!  Had she looked at the evidence, and lack thereof, which I will be sharing with you more fully in this blog, she would realize that he clearly DID NOT molest any children.  To say that “he clearly molested children” is outright slander.  You cannot state something as fact which you do not have proof of.  Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty?”

From the transcript of the “Frozen In Time seminar, where Attorney Tom Mesereau was a guest speaker (much thanks to David Edwards for his fantastic transcription of this event that was live and also captured on DVD.  I have this DVD and will see if it’s possible to upload for all to watch):

Tom Mesereau: First of all, I want to thank the Los Angeles County Bar Association for inviting me, and this is a great panel.  Needless to say, I have a very different perspective of what you’ve just heard.  I don’t believe for one second that Michael Jackson molested any of these people, and neither did 12 jurors in Santa Maria, California. They acquitted him of 10 indicted felonies, and 4 lesser included misdemeanors. They couldn’t get him on a misdemeanor.  He was innocent!   Now, as far as the media is concerned, and I know that I don’t have a lot of time, but I will tell you a few things about my approach to the media in this case.  I was brought in eventually by Randy Jackson, who I had known for years.  Randy called and wanted me to meet him and his brother.  He’s a very smart guy, and he said to me that “We don’t like what our lawyers are doing with the media.  We don’t trust what’s going on.”  In fact he told me that during the first court appearance he was at, some lawyers ran out of the building and shoved him out of the way to get in front of the camera. Which he didn’t appreciate or like, nor did he think it was in his brother’s interest, to have this sort of behavior.  One of the things he said he liked about me and my partner Susan Yu was that he didn’t think we were “camera mad”.    He didn’t think we were the kind of people who were basically going to put our own interest for fame and fortune over his brother’s.  And the first thing I learned when I met he and his brother is this: be very careful of the media.  Be very careful of their desire to seduce, be very careful of their desire to profit off of the demise of the defendant.  Be real careful. It became clear to me that we were never going to win a battle with the media.

Source:  Vindicating Michael Frozen In Time Transcript

Below, Attorney Tom Mesereau speaks very clearly on defending Michael Jackson:

“He was innocent of these charges.  Michael is the kind of person when you sit down with him and get to know him and hear his philosophy of life and what he would like to achieve in life, you realize he could never hurt a child and has never hurt a child.”  ~Tom Mesereau

“Seventy officers raided Neverland (unannounced).  They couldn’t find any forensic evidence to support the claims.  No DNA, no hair, no fiber, no fluids, nothing.”

“Certainly, they do find in this day and age, DNA.  It’s an easy thing to find and it lasts for hundreds of years.  So it’s significant that they couldn’t find any forensic evidence whatsoever to prove this crime, because the crime didn’t happen.” Tom Mesereau

What the reporter said above is a very clear example of people in positions of influence and power speaking something publicly as if it’s truth, with no facts to back it up.  The public then hears these sound bytes and shake their collective head in agreement, muttering inaudible murmurs of disgust at a fellow human being named Michael Jackson, whom they know really nothing truthful about and blindly believe whatever they are being told.

I will tell you that I personally cannot stand to watch much news.  Just today my husband and I were eating at a restaurant that featured televisions, all tuned into 24 hour news channels.  Just a few minutes of listening in and you nearly choke on your meal.  It’s all bad news, it comes at you with constant force and meanders into your mind, and every nasty, panic-inducing story is shared by a heavily-made up anchorperson wearing a fake smile…The way the “news” is delivered to you, in an unending, repeating reel of one tragedy after another, does nothing but create a state of worry, panic, anxiety and depression.

My theory is, there’s not much I can do about something that is supposed to happen within a few days or something that already took place, and its out of my hands, so why should I sit and watch it for hours on end raising my blood pressure and sugar levels and feeling a lack of peace while they continue to show it to me over and over again?  Last time I checked, God was still on the throne and it is only through Him and relying on Him, that we can stay in a place of peace admist chaos.  Otherwise, it’s too easy to get caught up in the magnetic pull of one crisis after another, one sensationalized story after another.

God does not want us to live like that.  He wants us to live with a feeling of the peace that passes all understanding.  To rely on Him and cast our worries aside as much as possible.

I worked in a newspaper newsroom for several years quite a few years ago and I can tell you what that was like…it was an atmosphere were morals and faith were seriously lacking, where photographers became excited when they got to go and photograph a “fatal”…their term for an accident which ended someone’s life.  Where statistics were skewed to please advertisers and where there was a desire to “get the scoop” before anyone else.

We have become a public brainwashed by sound bytes and judgment against our fellow man based solely on hearsay.  As Michael Jackson himself stated, if you don’t hear it directly from the person, then don’t believe it.  You just might want to question who is saying what, where they are getting their information from, if their actions are trustworthy, if they are consistent, what their sources are, before just taking anybody’s word as gospel, including mine.

What was done to Michael could be done to anyone.  Someone can say anything about you with no proof, just hearsay, and get people to believe it.  Trust me, it’s happened to me.  I know.

As many saw in court, there were no facts and no evidence whatsoever. For those of you unfamiliar with the details, I will give you resources in this blog.  In fact, below, I’ll share with you a post by someone who is a child psychologist with 20 years experience defending Michael, sharing how Michael DID NOT fit the profile:

Click LINK to read about Child Psychologist Who Defends Michael Jackson Against Molestation Charges

Jesus surrounded himself with children often….

“But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”~ Matthew 19:14

“But Jesus called them to him, and said, Suffer little children to come to me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God (Heaven) in some translations.” ~ Luke 18:16

Michael too, always surrounded himself with children and quoted the above verses often.  He spoke in interviews about how this is how he was raised, to take care of the children, the sick, the poor.  Michael had a heart for children that was spiritual, not criminal.

I’ve often wondered, if Jesus were walking this earth today, would he come up against some of the same charges that Michael did?  SADLY, I think the answer is “yes”!  Because we have strayed so far from God, we have lost the ability, as human beings, to recognize good…to recognize purity in spirit and in purpose.  We immediately think of the vile, the disgusting, the criminal intent of every action of our fellow human being.  We honestly cannot see actions that come from a pure heart, with honest intent and NOT think that something must be wrong.  What does that say about us as a society?  So much of what we view and listen to nowadays comes from lies from the pit of hell…think about most of the tv shows out there, the radio programs.  They all glorify everything that God is against!

Listen here as Patrick Treacy shared a similar thought in an interview myself and Patrick did with radio show host Catherine Gross:

“Of course he (Michael) was crucified. If there was the tabloid media present on Earth during the period of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago, they probably had branded him a pedophile as well. From the point of view that Jesus liked children, and Michael very much was almost the same way. We all now are almost afraid to as much as smile at children in case people would get the wrong impression. It’s just incredible how almost in one generation the whole relationship between children and adults changed as well.” ~ Patrick Treacy

Michael, however, was opposite that…and that scares us.  In our minds, it becomes impossible that a grown man could have a child-like spirit and heart, that he could have such a pure, honest sense of caring for those less fortunate, for children especially as he felt their pain having missed out on his own childhood.

Video by Mellye1973

To get a clearer picture about Michael’s childhood, listen HERE to his Oxford University Speech, where he speaks about his childhood, his father Joe and why he cares so much for children.

Michael, in this speech, reads out a Universal Bill of Rights for Children.  Another example of how his heart was just very attuned to children and he cared about them deeply:

Michael’s Children’s Universal Bill of Rights from his Oxford University Speech:

1.  The right to be loved without having to earn it.

2.  The right to be protected, without having to deserve it.

3.  The right to feel valuable, even if you came into the world with nothing.

4.  The right to be listened to without having to be interesting.

5.  The right to be read a bedtime story, without having to compete with the evening news (or East Enders)

6.  The right to an education without having to dodge bullets at school.

7.  The right to be thought of as adorable, even if you have a face that only a mother could love.

Friends, the foundation of all human knowledge, the beginning of human consciousness, must be that each and every one of us is an object of love.  Before you know if you have red hair or brown, before you know if you are black or white, before you know what religion you are a part of , you have to know that you are loved.

If you enter this world knowing you are loved, and leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.

A professor may degrade you, but you will not feel degraded.  A boss may crush you, but you will not be crushed.  A corporate gladiator may vanquish you, but you will still triumph.  How could any of them pull you down?  For you know you are an object worthy of love.  The rest is just packaging.”

Michael truly loved and cared about children in a very spiritual way.  Here is what he said about just one of the many children whose lives he saved:

“I saw this little kid (at a hospital in Budapest, Hungary), his name was Farkas. He was very sick. He was green in the face. But he had this glow, this sparkle in his eye. I asked his nurse, “What’s wrong with this kid?” She said that he needs a liver. So I said, “Does that mean he’s gonna die?” She said, “Yes, he’s gonna die unless he gets a liver”. I said, I’m not gonna let him die. This sweet, sweet angel. No matter what it takes, I’m gonna find a liver for him. So I sent my (“Heal The World”) organization around the world. We went all over the place and it took a long time. And I said, I’m not giving up. I’m not going to have the child die. I was so happy when I got a phone call. They told me, “We’ve found a liver!” And he has his life. I’m so proud that I could help him. God bless him. I love you, Farkas.”

Michael Jackson,2003 Private Home Movies TV Special

See More HERE including a video of the child years later after Michael paid for his life-saving operation

We’ve been shown so much crap, that that has become our reality….we’ve allowed our minds to become clouded with untruth and sensationalism and just plain garbage…and when we see someone or something that is actually operating in the ways of God, the way God intended for us to live and asks us to live, we are bewildered by the actions and we take up arms, grab our clubs and torches and start out on a witch hunt because the very existence of this purity of heart, this honesty, shakes us to our core.  We don’t know what to do with it.  It threatens us.  We have misplaced the very spirit which God put into us, His own spirit, and replaced it with paranoia, fear, and everything ungodly.

In a recent blurb in Good Housekeeping Magazine, actress Helen Mirren spoke of what she learned from a nun at the school she attended.  “Beware of Fear”, was the message.  Fear can be a friend when it alerts you to danger and stops you from doing something harmful, however, it can also stop you not only from pursuing creative and exciting new opportunities, but, it can also seriously cloud your judgment of other people and, as Helen so rightly states “it can lead to all kinds of evil”.

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand

Ephesians 6:12-13

Spiritual Warfare:

Recently, I’ve come across some disturbing videos and articles claiming that some of Michael’s song lyrics, hand gestures, etc., were demonic, with some ministers going so far as to call Michael a devil worshipper and some even going a step further and insinuating that he was the antichrist.  Yes, I am completely serious here.  Completely discrediting not only his artistry and genius, but also the faith in God he continued to claim, as well as show, in his actions.  Still other testimony is out there claiming that Michael is now being punished in hell.

Outside of this being outright slander, these are just disgusting and untrue statements.  Stick with me here, because, as you will begin to see, these types of false spiritual accusations, tie in directly with the lies you believe about Michael Jackson.  If you want to know how and why…keep reading.

There is a lot to cover and this is important information.  You will clearly see how all of this is not just isolated lies and rumors, but how it all connects to what people are believing about Michael Jackson, even to this day, even to the rumors and lies spread by the media and tabloids.  If you’re not sure what to believe or even if you should continue reading, stick around anyways, and once you get through this blog, you’ll fully understand.

If you are on the fence or maybe believe what you’ve heard, you need to read this most of all, because in order to form an opinion about something or someone that is legitimate and respectful, you need facts and you need truth.  That’s what you’ll find here.  Without facts and truth, there is no way to discern if what you are believing is grounded.

Those of you reading this who are people of faith and very spiritual people, will understand just how serious this subject is and how serious an accusation against Michael this is and why it needs to be refuted.

I know some will be upset with me for covering this subject, feeling I am bringing attention to it or to the minister(s) behind it, and giving him/them more publicity.  But the truth is, and I say this honestly, I have always known that this was going to be something very spiritual (creating and maintaining this website and getting the truth out there about Michael) and this is a spiritual battle, have no doubt.

People are being swayed wrongly about Michael due to these lies, no different than the lies the media told about Michael bleaching his skin or that his kids weren’t biologically his or that he was a drug addict.  I don’t think anyone would disagree with me now that the site did indeed have to cover those lies and put the truth out there.  This is what I am doing with this subject as well.

We will discuss many different areas, including song lyrics and the truth behind the lies being claimed.

It becomes very easy to see how EVERYTHING that Michael did or said, was analyzed through a microscopic lens…taken completely apart to see if, just maybe, they…the media, the public, the critics, could find something wrong with his actions, his words, him.  Too many of us went along for the ride and some are still coasting on auto pilot.

I feel this is a very important subject to cover in this blog.  I’ll tell you why.  Because, as Michael stated, “the more often you hear a lie, I mean, you begin to believe it” (Oprah 1993 interview).

I’ve been researching about 10 -12 hours a day for several months to bring you this blog…and I have found so many extremes of information, opinions and thoughts that I felt confused and overwhelmed by it all, and I’m someone who has spent the last 2 years of my life researching Michael, talking to people who knew him, and working daily to put truth out about him.

So I began to think…..How much of a chance does the general public have if it confused and overwhelmed me this much initially?  Most are just listening to the sound bytes thrown at them, taking them in and processing them mentally…most don’t have the time to do what I’m doing and many don’t have the desire.

The public is either going to look at 1 or 2 things and believe the lies because they are so prevalent and they don’t have the time or won’t take the time to research it further, or, they are going to do their homework, or try to,  and be so confused by all they find they won’t know what to believe.  THIS is how powerful the media and the internet is…how powerful what we read and see and hear and take into our minds daily, is.

Maybe you’re one of those people, reading this blog now, and not sure what to believe about Michael…or maybe you’re a fan and you’ve heard it all, or, at the other end of the spectrum, you’re a fan who gets questions all of the time about these subjects, but doesn’t know how to answer them.  This blog is for all of you.

I am going to take some of the things being said in regards to falsehoods about Michael, and dispute and explain them here because it’s too easy to get caught up in this nonsense if we don’t have the facts.  So….here we go….

“All people who have bright lights are attacked and criticized and sometimes killed. Peace-seeking people have been killed throughout history by words or bullets, like Jesus, MLK, Gandhi, the Kennedy brothers, etc.”~ Richard Rossi (runs a healing ministry)

Are we going to let yet another one past our radar without learning from it yet again and recognizing that we are just not getting the message?  When are we going to STOP, take note of who we are becoming, and take note of those God sends to us?

Man of Faith

Michael spoke openly of his faith many times, mentioning the Bible, God, Jesus, the disciples, etc.  He lived by this common theme and his actions corroborated what he spoke of.

“There was universality about him. He was a Christian and certainly maintained Christian beliefs in everything he did, analogous to other great religious people that lived on planet. You don’t necessarily have to draw too many conclusions there, but a lot of people would see him analogous to the love that Jesus had for people….He lived his faith.  There is no doubt about it.”~ Patrick Treacy, friend of Michael Jackson’s

Here are 2 videos that show this very clearly.  Really watch and pay attention to these videos because we are going to contrast this with the falsehoods that are out there…very, very serious falsehoods:

Video by Lauren Schwartz

Video by Beenish Khokar

What has also been very interesting to note, is the increase in people searching for God and longing to know Jesus since Michael’s passing.  I hear from people all of the time who began searching for God after Michael passed.  Some also went back to God after not having God as a part of their lives for a long while.  Some, bought Bibles for the first time in their lives, and started reading them.  Some began attending church who had never done so before.  These are all of the hallmarks of someone doing God’s work, not that of the devil.

I believe this is all part of that “something big, something huge is happening here”, that I was feeling while creating the site.  I have mentioned this to many of you before.

The following is just one of many, many people I’ve heard from since the Reflections website went live, who have witnessed, or undergone themselves, spiritual transformations and a longing for God since Michael’s death:

‎”I’ve just left a Chinese Michael Jackson forum, where some members are expressing interest in knowing Jesus because they want to see Michael Jackson again in afterlife. There are people who want to buy the Bible and who go to church for the first time because of Michael Jackson. Most Chinese forums I’ve been to are somewhat hostile towards Christians and Christianity. But now I see all over the MJ forum people are talking about God and Heaven. If you are familiar with Chinese culture you will know that ‘God’ (shang di) and ‘Heaven’ (tian tang) is not a common vocabulary among Chinese people. But it is all over the place now.”

Xing ~

I’ve interviewed and spoken with quite a few people who knew Michael well, including people who were friends of Michael’s anywhere between 10-25 years, and all of them described being in his presence as something special.  That you could feel the love of God emanating from him.  Many fans who met Michael felt this as well.

Brett Ratner:

Over the years, Ratner and Jackson spent an enormous amount of time together. They would film each other, with Jackson asking Ratner about how he became a film director and Ratner asking Jackson about how he became an entertainer. “I have hours of footage of us, sitting around in our pajamas, with me asking him about what kind of music he loved as a kid, what kind of books he had on the wall as a kid. When you were with him, you really felt like God was within him. He was an amazing, superhuman kind of person, but he always treated you as an equal. He would be your friend and he never asked for anything in return.”


Patrick Treacy:  Friend of Michael’s

This is a transcript from an interview Patrick Treacy and myself did with radio host Catherine Gross.  Much thanks to the Vindicate Michael blog for the transcription.

The sad fact is that all you had to be in his company 5 minutes to admit his total radiance of goodness. And you never really heard him give out on anybody else. Even though people were stealing from him money-wise. There was just no badness about him. Continually he was thinking about other people. We mentioned the kids in the hospital that were burnt. He would ask me a couple of days later: “Are these children in pain now?” These things bothered him continually and it was genuine affection for other people and particularly children.

D. Kunesh: “It was twisted into something evil. People described God’s love in his heart and love emanating from him”.

P. Treacy: “I certainly experienced it on almost every occasion I met him. He almost worked on two different levels… There was an interaction over what you do but there was a continual thought process. People who reached a sort of spiritual enlightenment always have within themselves this continual wanting to help other people. It was fascinating to see it in Michael. I’ve had many experiences like that with him…

I’ve met many celebrities, but there was no one like Michael – really, no.

David Nordahl:  Acclaimed painter and friend of Michael’s for over 20 years:

Though Michael disparaged his own looks…His Inner Light & Those Eyes

“Oh God no.  We had many talks about that (his looks).  He had that inner light and he always considered himself to be extremely ugly.    He said he’s not a handsome man.  ‘That’s why I don’t do interviews and I don’t go on talk shows.’  He said ‘First of all, I don’t lead an interesting life, I work all of the time’ (and that’s what he did, he worked all of the time).

He never did really understand that he had that inner light. 

Sitting and talking to Michael I would look into his eyes and I could see for 1,000 miles.  He had these most incredible eyes.  They come off good on film, but nothing like in person.  When you’re actually sitting across there looking at him.  Those eyes were unbelievable.  There were times it would just stop me in my tracks and there were times I’d be around him where I’d kind of forget who he was and then it would dawn on me….’I’m sitting here next to Michael Jackson.’  I never really got over that.  There were times he would do these quick little step things and they were like lightening.  It was just so quick, so precise and just amazing.”

STORY FROM A FLIGHT ATTENDANT WHO MET MICHAEL JACKSON (Originally posted by Michael Jackson: What About The Man)

“In the late 90’s I was an International Manager for United Airlines and was working onboard a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo. I was notified approximately 45 minutes before departure that Michael Jackson and 3 body guards would be traveling on our flight. He is one of the only people in the world that was allowed to travel under a false name due to the significant security risk of releasing a passenger manifest with his name. This is something the US government has to approve. He did not have to go through customs nor come through the airport. He was brought by police escort directly planeside immediately before takeoff with 3 bodyguards. He was in first class with one bodyguard next to him and two behind him. I found him to be one of the most kind, funny and gentle people I had ever met. During the 12 hour flight he came to the galley while his bodyguards were sleeping to talk with the flight attendants and myself. He was facinated to hear the crews stories of what they did on layovers and expressed how very much he wished he could just go see tourist attractions or simply walk on a beach without having to wear a disguise of some kind. He said he was sincerely jealous of our “normality”. He was kind enough to sign autographs for the crew and spent a good 40 minutes talking with us. Interestingly he asked for a small amount of wine and requested that it be put in a paper coffee cup. He explained that if people saw him with a wine glass someone would write that he was drinking and possibly had a drinking problem. It was sad to see the lenghts he had to go to for a shot glass size amount of wine. He is still one of the most soft spoken, and kind people I have ever met. He took a sincere interest in the crews lives and their freedom to live them the way the chose. I pray Michael rests in peace. He deserves so much more from us and the world for his countless contributions! He is as close to American Royalty that we have…”

A very important website guestbook entry:

Tuesday, 6/28/11, 11:49 PM
I first of all I would like show my appreciation for the time and effort put forth in compiling this website. The world has been exposed to many images of Michael often being harsh and unfair. I personally have had a chance to know Michael over a two year period and I have seen an image of an individual that I wish more people had known. Most have a defined view of such an iconic figure as his media image can’t be escaped. When I met him I was facing serious life challenges and transitions, way insecure. It truely was not a time I felt confident to meet such a notable public figure. In my personal struggle I found a graceous,compassionate,and honoring man. He is a gentle person that loves people. He loves to laugh and his joy, his big huge smile can light up a room. My moments with him over this period of time are filled with life as he belived in living life to its fullest. He forever has touched my heart in deep ways that have impacted my life. The expressions of Michael throughout this site are consistent to the man I knew. His faith is true and he was a humble expression of Christ’s love. As he walks in heaven this day his life can give testiment to many things, but i know he’d like most of all to underscore his faith in Jesus Christ. It opens ones eyes to see the impact we have on others, to truely make a difference this is the greatest part of his legacy. He would encorage everyone to reach out and make a difference to make the most of the short years God graceously grants. The world is a bit sadder without his presence but his life still speaks.~Amen Jb and God Bless You for sharing this.http://www.reflectionsonthedance.com/GuestBook.html


‎”Just to be in the same room with him (Michael Jackson), I felt everything I wanted to accomplish in life has been achieved. That aura… that’s how incredible that aura is. Whenever you were close to him, you could feel his presence. Everyone felt it, this magic in the air.” -Akon

From a fan who met Michael:

Lise Charette 

Michael was such a beautiful and sincere person! I have meet him and yes i was change after i meet him. This man is special and when you hold his hand and give him a hug, you go a different person inside. Michael was that special! He had that big spiritual love inside of him and you could feel it when you look in is eyes and when you touch him. He was wonderful and so beautiful! I will never forget him! ♥♥

I saw him the first time live in Montreal in 1984 for the Victory tour.Then i saw him again in Toronto in 1984 for the same tour and i saw him in 1992 in Bucharest for the Dangerous tour and i will never forget those shows! I got to meet him after all shows and hold his hand and Michael was so humble and so normal for such a big star! He trully was beautiful and different from all those other artists that you meet!  He had something about him that made you change from inside every time you looked at him, talk to him, held his hand or held him in your arms.
il y a quelques secondes · J’aime

Editor’s note:  Everyone who met Michael, shares these same types of stories…that there was something about him, about being in his presence.  People who are very spiritual, as Michael was, many times you can feel a definite “something” in their presence.  It’s the love of God in their heart that comes shining through.  Every fan I’ve heard from that met him has experienced this and every person who befriended him who’ve I’ve spoken with or interviewed, has confirmed that they too felt this and it was overpowering.  You just felt surrounded by love in his presence.  

I’ve also continued to hear from people who had met or knew Michael, and they all have stated that the way he is portrayed on the Reflections on the Dance website, is true to who he was, his character and to the Michael they knew.  This is very important to me, because I never knew Michael, had never met him.  That is why I can honestly state that this is ALL God, and has nothing to do with me.

There have also been many people who knew Michael who were interviewed by Oprah before her interview with him in 1993.  Every single video in this list has been removed, save one of Oprah speaking to Access Hollywood.  Why is that???  You can find the links and descriptions here, in a blog done by Seven Bowie and David Edwards.:


This is truth and it’s been a consistent experience with all who met Michael or spent time with him.

This is important to note…because they felt love, God’s love, and love for all people coming from him, not something evil ,not something demonic.  But something from God!

The feeling after people met Michael was one of healing, love for their fellow man, feeling at peace.  The devil does not evoke those feelings.  Even though the devil has been referred to as the prince of lies and the prince of this world and he can deceive and does deceive (this is how he works)….that deception does not carry the hallmarks of God’s work.  Instead, it is full of pride and not humility, boasting instead of kindness.

“Mike had a way, If you spent any time with him, you become changed, for the better.  Uplifted, eye opener, your spirit changed more full of joy and happiness.  You become like him.  You want to help God change the world, or change people.  I know the time I spent with him, it was just so much spirit, and uplifting, and fun.”

Michael’s former bodyguard Marvin Butts

You’ll notice here that Mr. Butts mentions that being around Michael, he felt joy and happiness and it made him want to do God’ work…helping to change the world.  In other words, helping to change people by being God’s instrument.  That he became changed for the better.  This is a Hallmark of God’s work being done, not that of the devil.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control;  Galatians 5:22-23a

These qualities, mentioned in Galatians 5:22-23 are the fruits (outward telltale signs/the beauty that shines from the person due to the seed of faith within him) that are from God’s spirit.  Michael exemplified all of these.

Let it also be known here that when people speak of Michael having “magic”, it wasn’t voo doo magic, but rather, a special presence, that feeling of love and joy outpouring from him.  His ability to create something special.  Too many mistake this from the use of the word “magic” and state that it was some kind of wayward or occult spirit.  It’s not meant that way at all…this is another example of how these things can be taken out of context and in doing so, the wrong opinions are formed.

Martin Luther King III and Bernice King, son and daughter of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. speak about Michael and the Godly man he was

There are blogs I have written in the past, that will explain in even further detail and show examples of how Michael was very much a man of faith, a believer, doing God’s work.  I will list all of the references to read and look at, at the end of the 2nd part of this in-depth blog (so you won’t lose your place).

This is also truth…some find the gift that Michael had extremely threatening and in addition, I believe, act out of jealousy, ignorance and even hatred.

Some of you have seen some of the things that I am going to talk about in this blog.  You will understand what I am stating when I say….As the saying goes, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing and the devil is certainly the prince of this world, as the Bible states.

More recently over the past year or two since Michael’s passing, there have been ministers online who have come out stating that they believe Michael was demonic, that he was a satanist or satan worshipper, that he channeled ancient gods for his musical inspiration, that he died in his sins and did not know God. It is a complete twisting of Michael’s own words, and his very character, mingled with complete lies and lack of any truth or facts to back them up.

The dangerous thing is they take little morsels of truth, and twist them with lies, trying to fit them into their own way of thinking, sparked by misunderstanding, or jealousy or a perceived threat to their own faith or the way they see things…and they sound convincing enough for the average layman to be drawn in and if not wholeheartedly believe, at least question or doubt.

Without the unsuspecting listeners researching the subjects themselves and finding truth, many begin to believe the lies.  In some cases, it is THAT convincing, as I stated earlier.  Lies can easily be spun in a fashion that will knock the confidence out of even the most steadfast person of faith.  These are lies that come directly from the devil and they are powerful if the truth isn’t known.

I have personally witnessed people who were so sure of Michael, his innocence, his character and his faith, see something along these lines that completely turned them around and convinced them now otherwise.  Some are believing that Michael is in hell due to something similar that is making the rounds on the worldwide web (I’ve spoken of this before) and I’ve heard from many people about that as well.

This is a very important and serious subject because it is true spiritual warfare…spiritual attacks on a man’s character who is no longer here to defend himself.

I will tell you this.  Michael spent a lot of time talking about God and Jesus and quoting Scripture and LIVING what he believed.  These are not the hallmarks of someone following a demonic lifestyle.

Why so much talk about a demonic lifestyle?  Is it simply because there are some ministers and others online claiming this?  Why does any of this matter?  That’s only part of it.  What you must realize is that this is all very connected to everything else you have seen and heard, these demonic accusations against Michael, basically spiritual attacks on his character, have led to everything you have seen happen to him, from what the press did to him, to his arrest, and, as William Wagener said,

“It wasn’t a fair trial.  It was an inquisition.  The whole point of this trial was to financially damage Michael, to bring him to great depression, to end his career and thereby, end his influence for peace in the world.” 

William Wagener speaks to Catherine Gross on her radio show, “A Place In Your Heart”.

Make no mistake…these lies and attacks are just as dangerous and even moreso, to Michael’s legacy and character, as the tabloid rumors and lies that surrounded Michael throughout his life.  But, the stakes are much higher here because it threatens to deceive people of Michael’s very nature, his humanity, his dignity and his character, and most importantly, the love he had and proclaimed constantly, for God.

In doing so, they are taking hearsay and complete lack of research and knowledge and putting it out there as truth.  They are taking someone’s intentions, song lyrics, dance moves and character and twisting the true meaning into something underhanded, dark and desolate.  Every word is overanalyzed, every movement judged.  They are trying to mold Michael and all he stood for into their own belief system for selfish purposes.  Sound familiar?

Some I believe as well, are actually convinced that what they state is truth, but their “proof” are things taken out of context and no facts to back up what they claim and some of what is being said isn’t even Biblical, but those not having a deeper understanding, might get drawn in as, on first glance, it “sounds” legitimate…but we must dig deeper and always search for truth because God is all about truth and in order to know His truth, we must seek truth in all things.

I am going to share with you all now, some of what is being said out there and what has been said in the past and continues to circulate, and why it is SO important that this be refuted and taken to task….because these very lies threaten the way the public will see Michael Jackson’s character (which should be based on truth and not lies as with any of us) and not only that, threaten our very culture.  When we become so vindictive, ignorant of facts and gullible to believe sound bytes instead of relying on our own intelligence and research, we are not truly free.

Some of what is being said goes so far as trying to blame Michael for his own death, stating that he wanted to be “put under” so he could get more hit songs in his sleep!  Anyone knowing Michael’s character knows this is utterly ridiculous!  This is just but one of the many horrible stories circulating and if we, as a public, don’t wake up and stop believing lies, we are headed down a very bad path.

Some of what I am refuting is a video series done by a pastor named G. Craig Lewis.  This man claims that Michael was a satanist who idolized and “channeled” Aleister Crowley, an occultist and satanist who was said to have influenced many of music’s biggest acts…The Beatles, Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, etc.  Lewis even goes so far as to claim that Michael bought the Beatles Anthology so that he could channel Crowley!  I have searched Google and have found NOTHING where Michael ever stated, nor did anyone else reputably state, that Michael bought the Beatles anthology to channel a satanist.

Here, from Moonwalk, Michael speaks HIMSELF about buying the music catalogue:

“Eventually, I would buy the ATV music publishing catalogue, which included many of the great Lennon-McCartney songs.  But most people don’t know that it was Paul who introduced me to the idea of getting involved in music publishing.  I was staying with Paul and Linda at their house in the country when Paul told me about his own involvement in music publishing.  He handed me a little book with MPL printed on the cover.  He smiled as I opened it, because he knew I was going to find the contents exciting.  It contained a list of all the songs Paul owns and he’d been buying rights to songs for a long time.  I had never given the idea of buying songs any thought before.  When the ATV music publishing catalogue, which contains many Lennon-McCartney songs, went on sale, I decided to put in a bid.

I consider myself a musician who is incidentally a businessman, and Paul and I had learned the hard way about business and the importance of publishing and royalties and the dignity of songwriting.  Songwriting should be treated as the lifeblood of popular music.  The creative process doesn’t involve time clocks or quota systems, it involves inspiration and the willingness to follow through.  When I was sued by someone I had never heard of for “The Girl Is Mine,” I was quite willing to stand on my reputation.  I stated that many of my ideas come in dreams, which some people thought was a convenient cop-out, but it’s true.  Our industry is so lawyer-heavy that getting sued for something you didn’t do seems to be as much a part of the initiation process as winning amateur night used to be.” Michael Jackson, Moonwalk

Now, this is only one man and his church, but know that this same kind of false gospel is all over the internet on many different sites.  And…people are believing this!  These particular videos put many of these falsehoods into one place, so I am addressing this particular video commentary due to that.  I will also cover some other things I have found including some of the questions I commonly get, that need to be refuted as well.

Now, to some, this may all sound way over the top, yet, it is very serious and something that needs to be addressed.

Below are the claims that Lewis and others make, and then, the truth that contradicts what is being said.  This is one reason why truth is so important. One cannot make correct decisions or surmise important questions, without truth and knowledge.  God is truth and He stands for truth only.  The lies must be counteracted with truth so that the clear, true picture, emerges rather than the veiled caricature that tries to pass itself off as truth.

Many who claim these things about Michael state that the devil is the prince of lies.  This is true.  He will twist and turn things around until only those with the strongest of faith will withstand doubt and won’t cave into believing the lies.  The thing here is that the people stating these things are saying that the devil used Michael as a deception…that the love, peaceful spirit, etc. was the deception.

However, the true deception is in what these people are claiming.  That’s how the devil works…he takes good and turns it into something evil.  The devil is pure evil and anyone who would follow him or do his work (as this minister and other online sites, etc. are proclaiming Michael was/did) will reflect that.  Michael never reflected or gave off evil.  He always gave off love, peacefulness, kindness and caring.  God’s love.

Before I go any further, I just ask that we keep all comments respectful and out of a place of love, as Michael would have done.  I know how upsetting these subjects may be, but we need to keep our dignity about it.  This is not an easy read and is a very heavy subject matter.  So brace yourself….

Michael Jackson….A Nephilim?

The minister we mentioned earlier, G. Craig Lewis calls Michael Jackson the most powerful Nephilim that the music industry has ever seen, along with claiming that Michael turned himself into a woman and didn’t care, and in addition, called him a corybantes.

This may all sound very foreign to you as it did me…You’re probably asking…what the heck is a nephilim and what on earth is a corybantes?

This is going to get very descriptive and go into lots of detail and this blog will go WAY BEYOND the scope of just Lewis’ claims to bring you truth about the true character of Michael Jackson and how to decipher if someone is from God, or otherwise.

These alone are very serious, slanderous accusations and that’s why they need to be taken seriously, and addressed.

There is a reason I’m including all of this detail as it will show truth versus what is being claimed.  I’m going to take this apart piece by painful piece and contrast the false claims with facts and TRUTH!  Not only will you see the spiritual significance, but also the bigger picture of how claims such as these tie into the other false things that were said about Michael.  We will also hear from someone who spent time, along with his wife and kids, with Michael at Neverland.  We will take what is being claimed and said, and compare and contrast it with truth.  You will see and hear the truth about the wayward jurors in the 2005 case.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.

This, below, is the first part of a 4 part series by G. Craig Lewis called “Michael Jackson Devil Worshipper”.  It is very disturbing to watch and I only include it (and I’m only including the first part) to show you the kinds of things we are up against and the kind of information being disseminated out there that completely slanders Michael’s character and is an abomination against who Michael truly was.  I do ask this…

PLEASE DO NOT flood this man with hatred and cruel remarks (and this goes for all of the people whose lies are being exposed in this blog).  They are very misinformed.  If you want to give them facts, then provide links of truth.  We cannot convince anyone of anything.  We can only put truth out there and it is up to each personal individually to accept that truth, or not.  Hate only begets more hate and if we react out of a place of hatred and anger, we immediately shut down any kind of influence we have to spread truth, because the people we are trying to get through to, will stop listening.  The truth should always be spoken from a place of love.  That is what Michael did, even when he spoke out against things he disagreed with, even in his activism.

Lewis accuses Michael Jackson of having the “nephilum” spirit inside of him….essentially one who rebels against God and wants worship of oneself.  (We’ll get into the corybantes title later on in this blog and more information on what a nephilum is, is coming shortly)  Let’s see if this is true:

This beautiful video is by Linda Higgins of the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait

An excerpt from the above video….all quotes directly of Michael Jacksons:

“No matter what, the most powerful thing in the world is the human mind, and prayer, and belief in yourself, and confidence and perseverance.….and always believe in yourself no matter who’s around you who’s being negative or thrusting negative energy at you, totally block it off, because whatever you believe, you become.  Yes…and after all of that…the most important, MOST IMPORTANT, stay humble.  The humbleness of a child, that a newborn baby has.  Even if you become powerful or have power with people with your talent or like with what Michaelangelo did with his sculpting, underneat all of that, be as humble as a child, as a baby, and as kind and as giving and loving.  Never become puffed up with pride.   No matter what it is you do, be the best at it and have respect for others

On the creative process, his songs and God’s work

“No one can quite say what the creative process is.  Because I have nothing to do with it of course.  It’s created in space.  It’s God’s work, not mine.”Ebony/Jet 2007 interview

I wrote “Will You Be There?” at my house, “Never Land” in California….I didn’t think about it hard. Thats why its hard to take credit for the songs that I write, because I just always feel that it’s done from above. I feel fortunate for being that instrument through which music flows. I’m just the source through which it comes. I can’t take credit for it because it’s Gods work. He’s just using me as the messenger….Ebony/Jet 2002 interview

 “Well, the songwriting process is something very difficult to explain because it’s very spiritual. It’s, uh…You really have it in the hands of God, and it’s as if it’s been written already – that’s the real truth. As if it’s been written in its entirety before were born and you’re just really the source through which the songs come. Really. Because there is…they just fall right into your lap in its entirety. You don’t have to do much thinking about it. And I feel guilty having to put my name, sometimes, on the songs that I – I do write them – I compose them, I write them, I do the scoring, I do the lyrics, I do the melodies but still, it’s a…it’s a work of God.”

GetMusic.com audio chat, 2001

As we can see here, Michael CLEARLY gives God all of the credit for his talent. He continued to do that in every interview and every time he was asked about his talent.

I also want to stop here for a moment and add a similar answer that Michael gave that comes from a 2002 Vibe Magazine interview:

VIBE: Finally, how do you channel your creativity?

MJ: I don’t force it, I let nature take its course. I don’t sit at the piano and think, I’m going to write the greatest song of all time. It doesn’t happen. It has to be given to you. I believe it’s already up there before you are born, and then it drops right into your lap. It’s the most spiritual thing in the world. When it comes, it comes with all the accompaniments, the strings, the bass, the drums, the lyrics, and you’re just the medium through which it comes, the channel. Sometimes I feel guilty putting my name on songs – “written by Michael Jackson – because it’s as if the heavens have done it already. Like Michelangelo would have this huge piece of marble from the quaries of Italy, and he’d say, “Inside is a sleeping form.” He takes a hammer and chisel, and he’s just freeing it. It’s already in there. It’s already there.


The reason I want to bring this to your attention, is because there are some internet Christian sites who point this out as being occult because Michael uses the word channel or medium, here. But in art, this is a commonly used word.  For instance, in entertainment, one form of medium might be video…which is how the “art” is coming to you, by way of video.  Medium in artwork might be canvas or stone or acrylic or chalk, for instance.  To channel something is just another way of saying you are receiving something.

I believe Michael is saying here, that God’s work, these songs, are coming to the public, by way of Michael.  That he received them from God. Michael is the “medium” by which they come.  Of course medium can also mean a clairvoyant, but I don’t believe this is how Michael is using this term here.  If you’ll note, his answer is almost identical to the one above, from the GetMusic.com audio chat, which was done in 2001 (the above Vibe interview was done in 2002) where he very clearly gives credit to God and says that it’s a work of God.  He mentions that it already exists in the heavens.  I believe it’s just a different choice of words used in the 2002 interview, but that it does not convey a different meaning.  You’ll also notice that the interviewer specifically uses the term “channel your creativity” in the question, which might also have motivated Michael to use a sympathetic word in his answer.

 From the above interview, this is just one small portion of the interview (which is 4 parts in its entirety) where Michael speaks out against ego or seeing himself better than anyone else: 

Asked if his fame affects how he sees himself, Michael answers:

“No, it’s pretty easy for me because so many things I block out.  I somewhat see myself like you or like the people in this room.  I’m human just like you are.  I’m no better than you are.  I have a certain talent with my art and so I’m songwriting and dancing and the drama and the whole thing, the show business thing, but as far as human, I’m just like you.  So it’s no right for me to think I’m better than you are or to have an ego and walk on air, cause there are lots of people in my field who are like that, and most of those people, they fall, they really do, because they begin to treat people who help them, badly, to forget where they came from and to forget about those who helped them get where they are.  That’s real important.  That’s why I thank all of those.  I thank everybody.~ Michael Jackson

…”There’s nothing like seeing your record #1.  Not for the ego, cause I hate ego, but it’s for the fact that I know people bought it and they loved it and they enjoy it.  I thank all these people…I can turn out great music, but it takes the people who are behind it, who are disc jockeys and the program directors and all the independent people to make it happen and I do appreciate it.~Michael Jackson

So, what about these statues and the cover of the HIStory album that Lewis mentions as indicating that Michael had the spirit of nephilim inside of him, and wanted to be worshipped?

So, was Michael lying about hating ego?  Had he changed his mind in his later years?  Or was there a deeper meaning behind all of this?

One of many identical statues (pictured June 3, 2005, in the Netherlands), that Sony positioned throughout Europe to promote HIStory(Wikipedia)

The HIStory album teaser that appeared in movie theaters as part of the previews

Diane Sawyer asked Michael about this teaser:

Diane: We’re going to show you a film now, created by Michael Jackson, and it’s causing a furore in some movie theatres around this country. They say among other things that it’s clearly modelled after Triumph of The Will. I mean Rieffenschtal. A Nazi film with a Nazi meaning to it.

Michael: It’s not true. None of that’s true. None of those things are true.

Diane: Did you watch that film before you did it?

Michael: I watch everything. I love movies. I love documentaries. It had nothing to do with that at all.

Diane: But there are people who keep saying this is…they look at it and say this is…

Michael: Absolutely not.

Diane: You were…

Michael: It has nothing to do with politics, or Communism, or Fascism…

Diane: Well…

Michael: At all.

Diane: Well the critics have said that it’s the most “body vein, glorious, self-deaffecation a pop singer ever undertook with a straight face”.

Michael: Good! That’s what I wanted.

Diane: For the controversy?

Michael: Yeah!

Diane: And they…

Michael: They fell into my trap.

Diane: But the people who say that…

Michael: I wanted everybody’s attention. (My sidenote:  Michael was notorious for being somewhat evasive in his answers to press because he KNEW that no matter what he said, especially if he gave away the meaning behind something, that it would be twisted into something very different.  I believe it was his way of protecting himself, and this was 1995 and in 1993 he had just gone through the first hell of false accusations against him and saw what the press was really capable of doing to him…Put yourself in his position:  if you are trying to share your heart and vision when you know someone is already judging you and not believing anything you say, you tend to shut down.)

Diane: But for the people who say these symbols matter…

Michael: No. The symbols…no.

Diane: The suffering…

Michael: No. The symbol has nothing to do with that. It’s not political. It’s not Fascist. It’s not dogma. It’s not, you know, ideaology and all this stuff. It’s pure, simple love. You don’t see any tanks. You don’t see any cannons. It’s about love. It’s people coming together.

Diane: About love. We’re gonna let everybody watch a bit of it.

Michael: Yeah, but it’s art! It’s art!

Diane: Okay.

Michael: Where a director…we get him to create art.

Diane: The short answer, coming up. Here it comes.

(HIStory trailer shown)

Diane: Well, as we said, we’re gonna clearly agree to disagree maybe on what this means to some people watching it. There’s been another issue raised. In a song you say, “Jew me, sue me”. And some people are saying that that is anti-semetic.

Michael: It’s not anti-semetic because I’m not a racist. I could never be a racist. I love all races of people from Arabs, to Jewish people…like I said before, to blacks. But when I say, “Jew me, sue me, everybody do me, kick me, kike me, don’t you black or white me” I’m talking about myself as the victim, you know. My…my accountants and lawyers are Jewish. My three best friends are Jewish…David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg, Mike Milkin. These are friends of mine. They’re all Jewish. So how does that make sense? I was raised in a Jewish community.

This blog entry from the It’s all for L.O.V.E blog may help shed some light on the deeper meaning behind this:

Directed by Rupert Wainwright (who also worked with NWA on “Straight Outta Compton” and “Express yourself”, MC Hammer and George Clinton) and filmed in August 1994 in Budapest, Hungary the short film and the reaction to it marked (or better said underlined) the gap between how Michael’s music and work was received by the critics and the media and the reception they got from the fan base and the general public.

Narcissistic was one of the most used words to describe the video teaser. But it wasn’t the only one. Excessive. Self-deification.and so on. He was accused of using symbols of totalitary regimes (an accusation that will also aim at the lyrics of “They Don’t Care About Us”).

It was like the media was very surprised that after the lynching Michael was the subject of during the previous years he was still able to come out with such power. Married, happy, spending $30 million to promote his album, hiring an army for a $4 million, 4.00 minutes long commercial.

Larger than life, with an huge and loyal fan base.

Back on October 1st, 1992 Michael Jackson performed in Bucharest, Romania. Maybe not such a big deal fro most of you. But when Michael Jackson comes to a country who only 2 years before was under the “iron curtain” the impact is huge. It changed my life and it would make the distance between eastern and western European countries smaller.

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

Nelson Mandela

“It’s not political. It’s not fascist. It’s pure, simple love.”

Michael Jackson

And yes this is what we got. After a terrible time in his life Michael Jackson wanted to send a message out for his fans, for the media and for the world. Music will brake barriers and will bring people together.

And music heals. For the people in the former communist block this video has special meaning. It is pointing out to the idea of restoration – an army bringing music and entertainment instead of fear and pain.

 The few lines the workers in the beginning of the video exchange are in Esperanto, the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language

 The meaning of the word esperanto is “one who hopes“. The creator of the language is L.L. Zamenhof and his aim was to create a politically free language with the purpose of working towards peace

It is no coincidence that the HIStory World Tour kicked off in Prague, Czech Republic to an audience of 130.000 and continued in Eastern Europe with Budapest, Hungary; Bucharest, Romania; Moscow, Russia and then Warsaw, Poland.

With almost half a million of people attending this 5 shows it is clear that Michael’s message, his appreciation and support for the fight for freedom in Eastern Europe and the sacrifices made by our nations, were very well received.

Source:   http://its-all-for-love.blogspot.com/2010/08/michael-jackson-history-teaser.html

Or my husband’s view on this (also named Michael :)):

“Michael Jackson lived his life with the heart of a child, innocent and creative.  He saw the world through child’s eyes.  His movies reflected things a child would dream of…play, make believe.  Soldiers, monsters, big statues, buildings, make believe, all were part of his being.”

Michael Kunesh 

I think my husband has a point here…and it’s one that bears serious minding. Sometimes, in order to see things clearly, we must look into the heart, into the person sharing, into the desired intent behind something.

Anyone can pull something completely different out of something than the meaning it was intended to have, the meaning intended from the creator of the art’s perspective.  You have to look deeper many times.  That’s what art is.

At face value, many thought that the HIStory teaser and statues were narcissistic and the media certainly took that and ran with it, furthering that notion along.  Then of course were the stories of it glorifying a Nazi regime, along with the questions about the wording in “They Don’t Care About Us.”

But in order to fully understand Michael, his songs, his movies…I think we must really understand where he came from, what his life was like, what he had been through and what he wanted us to see and feel.  Michael saw with a child’s eyes and a child’s heart.  Too many of us have forgotten what that looks and feels like.

Michael spoke many times of a lost childhood and, like my husband mentioned above, it’s no secret that Michael wanted to remain pure and innocent like a child and, as he stated himself, “to see the world through the eyes of wonderment.”  He wanted to bring that to the world.  He enjoyed the things of childhood…things that he himself never got to experience at the appropriate time.

If this movie were coming from someone known to have a huge ego, a truly narcissistic person, then maybe the first impression might be right…but this was coming from Michael, a man known to think of himself as ugly, who wanted only to bring peace, healing, and love to the world and some escapism through his art.  You have to look at what he was trying to convey through the scope of his own experiences.  It’s easy to make a “jump the gun” opinion on something at first glance looking through a broad scope lens…but look deeper…at the person, their message, their life experience and what they are trying to convey, and you might just see something completely different and surprisingly refreshing.

In addition, Michael was also a genius, and a brilliant artist, and one must look way beyond what the surface seems to convey to understand the message behind his music and movies, and even some of his dance moves.

HIStory was the first album to come out after the 1993 allegations…a very difficult time for him where he had gotten a real taste of just how cruel people, the public, humanity and the media, can be.  It also came after he battled and won an addiction to pain killers that he had become addicted to when he was burned on the scalp while filming the Pepsi commercial.  He was coming back from pain and personal hell.

Michael was aware of oppression and suffering throughout the world, so as the blogger above mentioned, he had seen so much go on in Eastern Europe and his first concerts of the tour were there.  I too believe there was a reason for that.

And last but not least, as Michael himself said, “it’s all about love, about people coming together.”  I think he saw it that simply, and yet, his execution was pure brilliance and genius.  I think sometimes what’s difficult is the general public being able to recognize the inherent genius in the delivery of the message.~ Debbie

Now, can you see how much differently this very same video and information comes across, with the correct information, and facts?

Michael wasn’t always able to express things the way he wanted to, when pressed.  Many of us are like that.  We are put on the spot and our ability to express something in the way we want, how it comes from our hearts, is sometimes halted due to feeling pressured.  Think of how you react when you are in a heated situation or a situation where you are already being judged or treated poorly.  Most of us don’t express ourselves the way we’d like to in those situations.  The media always pressured Michael and this made him uncomfortable at times in the way he answered, just adding, unfortunately, to the misunderstanding.

Some have taken issue with this particular painting, which hung above Michael’s bed in his home.  Those who are upset feel that it’s sacrilige due to it’s similarity to the painting of The Last Supper.  But, we must also note here that though this is a long table, it appears to be more of a “meeting of the minds” with books on the table and some conversation going on.  There is no meal being eaten.

Richard Rossi, who saw the actual painting, states his impression here:

“I saw the actual painting of this and to me it’s his identification with Christ and the spirit of Creativity which comes from the Creator and he is surrounded by other geniuses and artists. Christian means “little Christ”, said Rossi.  

“I think there is a larger problem (in that, many of the people judging)  have a warped world-view (and) look for demons everywhere.  It’s like they are seeing the world through a distorted lens and a broken pair of glasses.  People who want to damn him to hell are people i don’t want to spend much time with because they have a flesh-eating disease worse than vitiligo.  It’s a spiritual disease that eats away at the soul and turns you into a judgmental jerk.”

We must also remember that Michael very often cited Jesus as an example by which he tried to live his life and he viewed the world in a very unique way due to the life he had been given.

So, what exactly is a nephilim?

Let’s go through this one by one:

Nephilim:  There are several descriptions of nephilim, none of which corroborates with Lewis’ accusations against Michael Jackson…there is a lot of description below to help bring understanding…

Nephilim (or Giants) are offspring of “sons of God” and “daughters of men” mentioned in the Bible. (Genesis 6:4Numbers 13:33)

Goliath, in the story of David and Goliath, who was killed by David, was said to be one of this nephilim.


Genesis 6:4

King James Version (KJV)

4There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Numbers 13:33

King James Version (KJV)

33And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

The Nephilim (plural) are a group mentioned twice in the Hebrew Bible; in Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:33. The Nephilim are said to be the offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men.” Traditions about the Nephilim being the offspring of unions between angels and humans are found in a number of Jewish and Christian writings. It is believed by many Orthodox Jews that the Nephilim are rather the descendents of human nobility. It is believed by others that the “sons of God” who fathered the Nephilim spoken of in the text were in fact the formerly righteous descendants of Seth who rebelled, while the “daughters of men” were the unrighteous descendants of Cain, and the Nephilim the offspring of their union.

The Nephilim (HebrewנפליםNefilīm) were a race that came to dominate the antediluvian (pre-flood) world, and are referred to in the Bible as the heroes of old, men of renown. They were reportedly the children born to the “Sons of God” by the “daughters of men“. It is also most important to note that they are mentioned almost simultaneous to God’s statement that He would destroy the earth by flood, and it seems from this association that their effect upon mankind was one of the primary justifications that brought the destruction.

It is unclear what the Sons of God were, but they are distinguished from the daughters of men. The most obvious interpretation is that the Nephilim were a hybrid race between two distinct beings. There are at least three schools of thought regarding the Sons of God.

The older view, held nearly unanimously by ancient writers prior to Augustine of Hippo, is that the Nephilim were a hybrid race between certain fallen angels, called the Benei Ha’Elohim(“Sons of God”) or The Watchers in extra-Biblical traditions, and human women.




The Benei Ha’Elohim (Hebrew: בני האלהים, Benei HaʼElōhīm; Greek: ϒἱοὶ τοῦ Θεοῦ, Huioi toū Theoū; “Name means::Sons of God“) are a group of beings mentioned in passing in the Old Testament book of Genesis 6:4 . It is unclear what the Sons of God were, but they are distinguished from the daughters of men. There are at least three schools of thought regarding these beings.

Sons of God:


Here is another description of who these “songs of God” and “daughters of men” were:

Genesis 6:2 informs us that “the sons of God” took wives from “the daughters of men.”  Who were these sons of God and daughters of men?  This wording is, apparently, the way that the Scriptures differentiated the godly line of Seth (sons of God) from the ungodly line of Cain (daughters of men).  The Lord designates His children as being sons (or daughters) of God (see Isaiah 43:6, 1 John 3:1-2).  It appears that the believers were yoking themselves with the unbelievers (see II Corinthians 6:14-18).  In Genesis 4:26 we read that men began “to call upon the name of the Lord.”  This righteous condition among men was now being compromised by the unequal marriages of the two lines.

Children produced from these unions of the sons of God with the daughters of men were termed “mighty men which were of old, men of renown” (Genesis 6:4).  The first part of this verse informs us that “There were giants in the earth in those days.”  The word “giants” is “nephilim” in the Hebrew, and can be translated as “fallen ones.”  Experience teaches us that, in many cases, the evil influence of one parent can outweigh the good influence of the other parent.  This may have been the situation in Genesis 6.  The ungodly mothers (daughters of men) were likely influencing their children for evil pursuits more than the fathers (sons of God) were influencing them for good.  When grown, these children became “mighty men” (probably warriors engaging in warfare and violence).

 “And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years (verse 3).  This warning from the Lord seems to be the time allotted for mankind to come to repentance before the Flood would destroy them.  Noah was a messenger of God to warn these wicked people of the coming of His judgment.  We read in II Peter 2:5 that God “…spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righeousness, briniging in the flood upon the world of the ungodly.”  The Lord Jesus Christ was preaching to these sinners through the Spirit-inspired words of Noah.  This is possibly what is meant in the following verses, referring to Christ and His Mission to these pre-Flood persons, through the Holy Spirit.  “By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.” (I Peter 3:19,20)

This is a very interesting video that not only speaks of the Biblical and other translations of the nephilim, but also speaks about why those in the past lived much longer and why fossil evidence shows much larger people, animals, insects, etc. than we have today and I feel, also ties in with Michael’s message about the environment and how strongly the atmosphere and environment affects us.

Some of this second video gets a little “out there”, but I wanted to give you background so that we can move forward with the claims being made.

Book of Enoch:  The Book of Enoch (also 1 Enoch[1]) is an ancient Jewish religious work, ascribed to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah. It is not currently regarded as part of the Canon of Scripture as used byJews, apart from the Beta Israel canon. It is regarded as canon by the Ethiopian Orthodox Churchand Eritrean Orthodox Church but no other Christian group.

However….After all of this background…shown here to help educate in what the Biblical meaning of a nephilim is, Lewis takes the nephilim “title” out of context and instead, accuses Michael of channeling the spirit of an ancient god?

Lewis, in his calling Michael a nephilim, gave this a much different meaning.  So let’s contrast what Lewis is saying and what he is referring to in calling Michael a nephilim.

Lewis says “This ancient God, that was in this man, literally, stole your heart.  When he transformed himself into a woman, he didn’t care….when child molestation charges were brought up against him, you knew they were false, cause he stole your heart….”

So in essence, he is somehow accusing Michael of channeling an ancient god?  As what I would guess is supposed to be a Christian congregation, the belief is that there is One God, so his accusations aren’t even Biblical to my knowledge.

He also claims that Michael transformed himself into a woman?  This goes along with some of the “castration” stories we had seen over the past year and may also be in reference to makeup being worn.  More false accusations that were obviously ridiculous and false.  I touch on that more below.

The Moonwalk…Demonic?

“let the adept initiate….Learn to Walk Backwards.” 

“Michael Jackson made the “moonwalk” popular back in the 80’s as well as he was following Crowley’s teachings.”

This is another accusation coming against Michael from an entirely different online source.  Stating that since Crowley mentions walking backwards in his book “777”, that this is where the Moonwalk comes from and why Michael did it.  But does it have any TRUTH to it?  Where is the proof to back this up?  Where are they getting their information from?

 Now as people know, Michael Jackson is one of the most famous performers in the history of popular music and that he is also one of the best dancers ever. Well people know that in 1983, Jackson made history when he performed the “moonwalk” at Motown 25, well it has since been confirmed that Jackson learned the dance from a variation of dancers including Soul Train’s and Shalamar member Jeffrey Daniels, Michael “Boogaloo” Shrimp and Poppin’ Pete among other dancers who all originated from the Bay Area of California. The dance actually has roots in black culture going as far back as the 1930s before Michael polished it and made it his own.  Now let me state not one man “invented” this dance, this dance was always a part of dance culture, of black culture and even in the form of mimes and other unsung dancing heroes. 


A little history on the Moonwalk dance:

 The moonwalk or backslide is a dance technique that presents the illusion of the dancer being pulled backwards while attempting to walk forward.[1] A popping move, it became popular around the world after Michael Jackson executed the dance move during a performance of “Billie Jean” on Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever on March 25, 1983. It subsequently became his signature move, and is now one of the best-known dance techniques in the world.[2][3]

An illusion is involved in creating the appearance of the dancer gliding. The leg being pulled up moves the leg behind it back (with the toes still touching the ground) and transfers the weight on to it. The leg with weight on it goes up and the other leg is drawn back in turn. These steps are repeated over and over. Variations of this move allow the backslider to also appear to glide forwards, sideways, and even in a circle.[edit]History

Cab Calloway executed similar steps to the moonwalk as early as 1932.

There are many recorded instances of the moonwalk, similar steps are reported as far back as 1932, used by Cab Calloway.[4] The origin is the pantomime exercise “Marche sur place” created by mime masters Etienne Decroux and Jean-Louis Barrault and first recorded on film for Children of Paradise in 1944/45[5]). In 1955 it was recorded in a performance by tap dancer Bill Bailey. He performs a tap routine, and at the end, backslides into the wings. [6] The French mime artist, Marcel Marceau, used it throughout his career (from the 1940s through the 1980s), as part of the drama of his mime routines. In Marceau’s famous “Walking Against the Wind” routine Marceau pretends to be pushed backwards by a gust of wind.[7]

James Brown used the move,[8] for instance in the 1980 film The Blues Brothers. David Bowie was probably the first rock musician to perform it, though he remained stationary.[9] An embryonic version of the move appears in Bowie’s 1960s mime pieces; he had studied mime under Étienne Decroux, Marcel Marceau’s teacher,[10] and under Lindsay Kemp, who had trained with Marceau. By the time of Bowie’s 1974 Diamond Dogs Tour, Michael Jackson was among those attending Bowie’s Los Angeles shows, later remarking on Bowie’s strange moves.[11] Another early moonwalker was popper and singer Jeffrey Daniel, who moonwalked in a performance of Shalamar’s “A Night To Remember” on Top of the Pops in the UK in 1982, and was known to perform backslides in public performances (including weekly Soul Train episodes) as far back as 1974.[12] Also in 1982, Debbie Allen performs a moonwalk during a scene with Gwen Verdon in Season 1, Episode 10 (“Come One, Come All”) of the 1982 TV series Fame.[13] There is a similar dance to the moonwalk as well. It is known today as the ‘airwalk.’


Michael himself speaks about the Moonwalk here….from his autobiography “Moonwalk”

“But the night before taping, I still had no idea what I was going to do with my solo number.  So I went down to the kitchen of our house and played “Billie Jean.”  Loud.  I was in there by myself, the night before the show, and I pretty much stood there and let the song tell me what to do.  I kind of let the dance create itself.  I really let it talk to me; I heard the beat come in, and I took this spy’s hat and started to pose and step, letting the “Billie Jean,” rhythm create the movements.  I felt almost compelled to let it create itself.  I couldn’t help it.  And that – being able to “step back” and let the dance come through – was a lot of fun.

I had also been practicing certain steps and movements, although most of the performance was actually spontaneous.  I had been practicing the Moonwalk for some time, and it dawned on me in our kitchen that I would finally do the Moonwalk in public on Motown 25.

Now the Moonwalk was already out on the street by this time, but I enhanced it a little when I did it.  It was born as a break-dance step, a “popping” type of thing that black kids had created dancing on street corners in the ghetto.  Black people are truly innovative dancers; they create many of the new dances, pure and simple.  So I said, “This is my chance to do it,” and I did it.  These three kids taught it to me.  They gave me the basics, and I had been doing it a lot in private.  I had practiced it together with certain other steps.  All I was really sure of was that on the bridge to “Billie Jean” I was going to walk backward and forward at the same time, like walking on the moon.”

Room of Mirrors and Channeling Liberace & Crowley?

Lewis says “When he bought the Beatles anthology so he could channel Aleister Crowley through it…when he practiced witchcraft and became one of the most powerful channelers that we’ve ever seen, ever, because when I look at Michael Jackson, I see artists that sell a few thousand, maybe even a million albums, and these guys destroy themselves, these guys sell themselves, these guys channel and most pray to Aleister Crowley, all of that, and I looked at him and I said…if they do all of that for a million records, what does it take to become the King of Pop?  The King of the devil’s music.”

Some have stated online that this claim by Michael was in his one and only autobiography “Moonwalk.”  It is NOT.  I have read and re-read the book several times and anything about Liberace simply just does NOT exist in that book.  So though this may lead those astray who have not read the book, it simply is NOT TRUE!

What Lewis fails to pay to pay heed to is that Michael made it as far as he did because of the immense talent he had (his talent was on a genius level, never before seen in our lifetime) and, because of God, the talents that God Himself gave him, and Michael’s desire to look to God for direction in his life, to live a life that was pleasing to God Himself.

As far as the claims that Lewis and others make in regards to Michael, mirrors and channeling…I have yet to find a credible source about any of this.

“I have my own secret room, with a moving wall and mirrors” said Jackson, “that’s where I talk to Lee. His is the voice I hear in there. I feel his presence so very close to me.” He added that Liberace “is like my guardian angel. He’s even given me permission to record his theme song ‘I’ll Be seeing You’.”

He quotes this from the “Psychic News from 1987”.  Is this a reliable source?  Did Michael even say this?  I have yet to find a reliable, legitimate source for this quote.  Did Michael say this?  I have no idea.  I had never heard it nor seen it anywhere.  We will go more into this in Part 2 of this blog.

I feel this just as ridiculous as saying that if we take a look at ourselves in the mirror before we leave the house or check ourselves quickly in the mirror in the ladies’ room, that we would be guilty of trying to channel spirits.  That’s how much sense this makes to me personally.

Selling His Soul To The Devil?

There is a major problem here with stating that Michael somehow sold his soul to be worthy of the title of King of Pop.  Elizabeth Taylor called Michael the King of Pop, Rock and Soul, and it stuck.  The music industry didn’t coin it, neither did Michael himself.  Anyone who has ever watched Michael dance or sing can see and hear quite clearly that Michael had not only talent, but genius.  THIS is why he rose to the levels he did….not because he sold his soul to the devil!

In fact, in his song “Money” he speaks out AGAINST this very thing.  Some who don’t understand have stated that the lyrics to Money are talking about Michael himself and how he sold his own soul to the devil and he’s admitting it.  This is very far from the truth….This is why truth and facts are so important.

This video and the song lyrics, which I’ve included below also, clearly shows the lyrics and what the song means:


written & composed by Michael Jackson


Lie for it

Spy for it

Kill for it

Die for it

So you call it trust

But I say it’s just

In the devil’s game

Of greed and lust

They don’t care

They’d do me for the money

They don’t care

They use me for the money

So you go to church

Read the Holy word

In the scheme of life

It’s all absurd

They don’t care

They’d kill for the money

Do or dare

The thrill for the money

You’re saluting the flag

Your country trusts you

Now you’re wearing a badge

You’re called the “Just Few”

And you’re fighting the wars

A soldier must do

I’ll never betray or deceive you my friend


If you show me the cash

Then I will take it

If you tell me to cry

Then I will fake it

If you give me a hand

Then I will shake it

You’ll do anything for money…



Anything for money

Would lie for you

Would die for you

Even sell my soul to the devil



Anything for money

Would lie for you

Would die for you

Even sell my soul to the devil


Where do your loyalties lie?

Is that your alibi?

I don’t think so

You don’t care

You’d do her for the money

Say it’s fair

You sue her for the money

Want your pot of gold

Need the Midas touch

Bet you sell your soul

Cuz your God is such

You don’t care

You kill for the money

Do or dare

The thrill for the money

Are you infected with the same disease

Of lust, gluttoney and greed?

Then watch the ones

With the biggest smiles

The idle jabbers…

Cuz they’re the backstabbers

If you know it’s a lie

Then you will swear it

If you give it with guilt

Then you will bear it

If it’s taking a chance

Then you will dare it

You’ll do anything for money…



Anything for money

Would lie for you

Would die for you

Even sell my soul to the devil



Anything for money

Would lie for you

Would die for you

Even sell my soul to the devil



Anything for money

Would lie for you

Would die for you

Even sell my soul to the devil



Anything for money

Would lie for you

Would die for you

Even sell my soul to the devil

You say you wouldn’t do it

For all the money in the world

I don’t think so

If you show me the man

Then I will sell him

If you ask me to lie

Then I will tell him

If you’re dealing with God

Then you will hell him

You’ll do anything for money



Anything for money

Would lie for you

Would die for you

Even sell my soul to the devil

[Repeat 8 times]

© 1995 Mijac Music (BMI)

There is a deep message in this song and its NOT about Michael being a devil worshipper or selling HIS soul to the devil.  It’s a retrospect on things that had happened in his own life and a commentary on all he saw going on around him.  So much corruption of the human soul.  In interviews in the past, he had spoken about how the love of money was the root of all evil, and this is another Biblical truth.

10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.~ 1 Timothy 6:10

This song was penned in 1995…much of it is a commentary on the false molestation charges that came against him in in 1993 via Evan Chandler and his son Jordie.  This was a deliberate extortion attempt by Evan Chandler, who, after Michael did not agree to finance a movie Evan wanted to do, he set Michael up.  Michael’s insurance paid the $20 million that Evan was demanding.  Michael was against it and wanted to fight it, but was advised to do otherwise:

“Money” was interpreted as being directed at Evan Chandler, the father of the boy who accused Jackson of child sexual abuse


The fact that many couldn’t understand why Michael paid out money to the accuser’s father in 1993 has been a major sticking point.  Many felt he would not have done that had he been innocent.  But the fact is, it was not Michael’s decision.  It was a decision made by his advisers so as not to affect his career.  Here, below, Tom Mesereau speaks more about that:

“And again, we all do our job when we have to do it, but with all due respect, that settlement was an albatross around my neck, I discovered because the typical profile of a pro-prosecution juror would indicate that the thing that bothered that profiled juror the most was that settlement.  The feeling being “Who pays that kind of money if they’re innocent?”  When we profiled the typical pro-defense juror, the thing that bothered them the most was the same thing! “Why was all this money paid if you’re innocent?”  I did issue a press release, and made a public statement, with Judge Melville’s permission of course.  I had to do that.  It was bothering too many people. And I basically said that Mr. Jackson had entered into that settlement because business advisors had told him to. They weren’t writing the check.  They wanted him to get going in to his business life and stop getting derailed    by this very salacious legal proceeding, and that he regretted doing it.  It’s something that I just had to do because, in my opinion, it was killing us. Now he had reasons for doing that.  The $20 million, many people thought, was a drop in the bucket given what he owned, and what he had, and what he could earn in the future. But nevertheless, it did bother a lot of people.  So I did have to address that issue.” ~ Attorney Tom Mesereau, Frozen in Time seminar 

Source:  Vindicating Michael Frozen in Time Transcript (courtesy of David Edwards)

Regarding the 1993 allegations and payout

He admitted earlier this month that “years ago” he had paid “certain people” who “wanted to exploit my concern for children”.

In a 1993 case, Mr Jackson agreed to pay a boy he was accused of molesting a reported $20m (£11m). Police also learned of a separate case in 1990. 

Mr Mesereau said on Friday Mr Jackson had been pressured to make payments by his advisers and by a music industry that “did not want negative publicity from these lawsuits interfering with their profits”, when confronted with past allegations. 

He said: “Many years ago, he did pay money rather than litigate two false allegations that he had harmed children. 

“Mr Jackson now regrets making these payments. … Mr Jackson always denied doing anything wrong. 

“Mr Jackson had hoped to buy peace in the process. … he should have fought these actions to the bitter end and vindicated himself.” 

BBC News

Sept. 18th, 2004

“Years ago, I settled with certain individuals because I was concerned about my family and the media scrutiny that would have ensued if I fought the matter in court.”
….“These people wanted to exploit my concern for children by threatening to destroy what I believe in and what I do. I have been a vulnerable target for those who want money.”
“I have spent my entire life helping millions of children across the world. I would never harm a child.”
Michael Jackson

In fact, if you take apart some of the nasty books written about Michael Jackson, these books and their credibility completely fall apart when you look at the basis of each book and where the information comes from.

For example, the book written by Victor Guitierrez, was, according to a highly credible source, based completely on the testimonies of fired empolyees who had no credibility whatsoever and whose testimony about Michael having abused MacCauley Culkin and others was completely false as these were Tom Mesereau’s witnesses in the 2005 trial and said they were not touched!  As Mr. Mesereau himself stated, “Do you think Mac Culkin would have attended Michael Jackson’s private funeral had he been abused?”



This song is a deliberate, scathing commentary on what was done to Michael and how others around him, like the Chandlers, had sold THEIR souls to the devil, all for money…

Look closely at these lyrics:


Where do your loyalties lie?

Is that your alibi?

I don’t think so

You don’t care

You’d do her for the money

Say it’s fair

You sue her for the money

Want your pot of gold

Need the Midas touch

Bet you sell your soul

Cuz your God is such

You don’t care

You kill for the money

Do or dare

The thrill for the money

Are you infected with the same disease

Of lust, gluttoney and greed?

You notice he deliberately mentions…insurance?  Where do your loyalties lie?  Is that your alibi?  Do you see the connection?  Michael’s insurance made the pay-out.  According to sources, Michael had wanted to fight the false allegations, but his record company and his insurance advised him to pay it and move on.  

Geraldine Hughes explains this in her interview with me on why the insurance made the payment:

DK:  Michael’s insurance company paid the settlement, not Michael himself?

GH:  Right.  They paid it not on negligence, they paid on there being a liability.  They didn’t pay on negligence, because insurance companies will not pay on negligence.  The fact that they paid the settlement, shows that he wasn’t negligent.  If he was negligent…it’s just like if you get into a car accident.  If you were the negligent party, they won’t pay.  At least you won’t get anything out of it.  You’ve got the insurance to cover the other person.  But you can’t collect from an insurance company based on negligence.

DK:  What does it mean that they paid on a liability?

GH:  Just like if you go to a mall, you said you slipped and fell, and then you went to the doctor.  Now, we don’t know if you really did or not, but there’s a liability in that you got a doctor, you got charges, it’s like you’re claiming you’ve created a situation, it hasn’t been proven, so therefore, they’ll pay it.  You’re going to court to prove it.  So the insurance company is like, :look, rather than pay all of this money on court costs, we’ll negotiate a settlement based on there being a liability.”  It doesn’t get proven unless you go to court.  But they’re not willing to pay the money to go to court.  They’re just saying, “well, look, you’ve created a situation, you’ve made a claim, let’s settle this thing, let’s negotiate for a settlement amount.  We’re not saying right or wrong, good or bad, we just want to get rid of this.”

DK:  Thank you for explaining that, that makes more sense to me now.

GH:  Settlement is the most desirable way of handling any kind of dispute.  They would rather… the court requires mandatory settlement conferences.  They’ll give you a trial date, but before that trial date hits, they make sure that these parties come together, negotiate, try and settle this thing, try and keep this thing out of court.  That is mandatory.  Oh absolutely.  They don’t have enough judges.  They don’t have enough man dollars to handle every dispute or claim that comes knocking at their door.  So they try and settle it.  If they can’t settle it, they’ll mandatorily send it for arbitration, send it for mediation, anything, but let’s keep this out of court.


How about these lyrics?

So you call it trust

But I say it’s just

In the devil’s game

Of greed and lust

They don’t care

They’d do me for the money

They don’t care

They use me for the money

So you go to church

Read the Holy word

In the scheme of life

It’s all absurd

They don’t care

They’d kill for the money

Do or dare

The thrill for the money

“They don’t care, they’d do me for the money, they don’t care, they use me for the money”…this seems to be a direct commentary on what the Chandlers did to Michael in 1993, along with his insurance company paying that money out when those around him, as well as his insurance, according to Michael’s own statement,  made the decision that the insurance should orchestrate the payout as to not harm his career, despite the fact that Michael himself wanted to fight the injustice.

This is SO important because it was a MAJOR factor in what would happen 10 years later with the Arvizo family and with the media using this payout against him, and the public being convinced that Michael was indeed guilty, when that was the farthest thing from the truth.

Here is a video of Evan Chandler, a tape-recorded phone conversation that took place, of Chandler full out

admitting that he was going to ruin Michael if he “doesn’t give him what he wants”

The 1993 Tape-Recorded Conversation of Evan Chandler:

On July 2, 1993, in a private telephone conversation, Chandler was tape-recorded as saying,

There was no reason why he [Jackson] had to stop calling me…I picked the nastiest son of a bitch I could find [Evan Chandler’s lawyer, Barry Rothman], all he wants to do is get this out in the public as fast as he can, as big as he can and humiliate as many people as he can. He’s nasty, he’s mean, he’s smart and he’s hungry for publicity. Everything’s going to a certain plan that isn’t just mine. Once I make that phone call, this guy is going to destroy everybody in sight in any devious, nasty, cruel way that he can do it. I’ve given him full authority to do that. Jackson is an evil guy, he is worse than that and I have the evidence to prove it. If I go through with this, I win big-time. There’s no way I lose. I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever…Michael’s career will be over.”

—Evan Chandler

In the same conversation, when asked how this would affect his son, Chandler replied, “That’s irrelevant to me…It will be a massacre if I don’t get what I want. It’s going to be bigger than all us put together…This man [Jackson] is going to be humiliated beyond belief…He will not sell one more record”.

Author Geraldine Hughes speaks about the 1993 case where she was a witness to Michael being set up for extortion in Jordie Chandler’s accusations.  What’s interesting to note is that Jordie completely DENIED that Michael had done anything, before this set up took place:

“God gave Michael Jackson what he didn’t give the little boy, a witness who can attest to his innocence.”

Geraldine Hughes from her book “Redemption

From blogger David Edwards:  Here is a video from September 1993. CNN interviews a bodyguard who describes how celebrities are oftentimes the target of extortion from greedy fans and associates!  CNN wanted to put MJ’s situation into context by showing viewers that these types of situations happen all of the time! They even mention a lady named “Bille Jean Jackson” who claimed that MJ fathered her child, and they also mention the LAPD’s “Threat Management Division” who deal with celebrity threats.

Notice how Det. Greg Boles says that most of the perpetrators are “disordered people“, which is very foretelling…”!

“Michael would get between 50 and 60 extortion attempts per year.  Most of them were paternity.  Women claiming that Michael was the father of their child, and a whole bunch of other ones were over music.  Somebody had written a song or something and they claimed that Michael had stolen their music or their words.  All of those things got thrown out of court because once they got to court, they couldn’t back it up.”

David Nordahl, Michael’s friend for 20 years

The Arrest of Michael Jackson…The Culmination of Spiritual Attacks, Greed, Prejudice, Hate & Lies

What you see below, is ultimately, the culmination of that greed and lust for money that occurred starting with Evan Chandler…Michael Jackson’s arrest in 2004 (shown in this video below):

Be forewarned that some of the news content of this video shows very twisted media claims from the media personalities speaking or reporting, to some of the interviews done which contain inflammatory remarks, such as the one with J. Randy Taraborelli, a statement based on no facts or truth whatsoever.

This video will clearly show Michael Jackson’s arrival at Santa Barbara airport and his surrendering to police and his arrest.  It is very disheartening to watch, but if we are to get into the nitty gritty of what all of this means, it’s something that must be seen.  Truth about what happened and how Michael handled himself is very important.  So, if you’ve not seen this, I encourage you to watch it before moving forward to the rest of the blog.

Video by LunaJo67

Let me just say one thing right now.  This is NOT something that happens to someone who is worshipping the devil as Lewis claims.  Evil looks after it’s own.  THIS is something that happens to someone powerfully doing God’s work and is instead, something that the devil does to try to STOP God’s work from going forward.

However, God will always vindicate and truth will prevail.  That’s exactly why, though Michael had to go through an emotionally and physically grueling trial for 5 months, he was found NOT GUILTY on all 14 counts!

Michael Jackson 2005 Trial Statement

How many feel that racism plays into all that happened to Michael:

The following video is from the Closing Day arguments, June 3, 2005

This video below clearly shows Michael walking into the courtroom, some of the verdicts being read, and Michael and his family leaving court.  You can clearly see how scared Michael is, how exhausted.  You can tangibly feel the fear, humiliation, pain.  Imagine, just for a second, people viewing you every time you walk into court, every time they see and hear about you in their homes, as someone who did something SO heineous, yet…you DIDN’T!!!  Keep in mind that this trial went on for 5 grueling months, in addition to all of the pain and anguish for nearly 2 years prior once these accusations came up against him.

BUT….WAIT!  What about the 2 jury members who changed their stories afterwards and said that they thought Michael was guilty?

Let’s just see about that…shall we?

Part 2 can be read HERE!  We will cover in-depth and surprising information about these jurors, as well as much more…

  • Jordie Chandler’s description…was it accurate?
  • Hear all of the 14 Verdicts being read
  • Michael Jackson and some shocking things you have probably never seen or heard about Vitiligo (the skin disease that turned Michael “white”)
  • Were Michael’s lyrics demonic?
  • Heal The World…one of the most demonic songs ever written?
  • The court transcripts
  • The changing timeline of events in the 2005 case and how the Arvizo family completely changed their story
  • Great detail about the timeline and accusations
  • William Wagener’s spiritual experience outside Neverland gates….and lots more.
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