The Story Behind The Book:

In this blog, I’m going to share with you the story of the creation of Moonwalk, Michael Jackson’s sole autobiography.  The following is an afterword in the actual Moonwalk book, the most recently released version, this afterword which is written by Shaye Areheart.

Areheart shares here about working with Michael Jackson and how the book, once completed, almost never made it to press.

I have scanned these pages for you as I did not want to retype numerous pages worth of information and words (which I did actually do in my blog of yesterday with Michael’s quotes from Moonwalk):

“I think he suddenly felt terribly exposed.  He had never said so much about himself, and his family and his life.  He had never done a book before, and books are powerful.  Once the words are printed, they are there forever.  Would people like it?  Had he revealed too much?  Would he feel comfortable having the world know his feelings and thoughts?  Eventually he calmed down and let it go, and we started the presses….”