Two wonderful stories from choreographer Vincent Paterson on working with Michael:

“He is music.  His body IS music.”
  Vincent Paterson speaking about Michael’s innate dancing ability & his ability to interpret music and make it come to life

“…I had danced with MJ in two videos. I was the gang leader in Beat It, and a zombie dancer in Thriller, as well as being the assistant choreographer for Michael Peters. I was at home one night and got a phone call. A very soft voice asked for Vincent Paterson. I thought it was someone playing a joke on me, using a voice like Michael Jackson. “Who’s calling? “ I asked. “It’s Michael Jackson,” was the reply. “Who the hell is this?” I asked. Same response. “I’m gonna hang the f*** phone up if you don’t tell me who is calling,“ I said. It really was Michael Jackson. I profusely apologized.

Wonderful podcast….a MUST LISTEN 🙂  He shares some insight into Michael, into Michael’s artistry and dancing, and so much more.
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Many Thanks to Dhez Rueda for the link to this beautiful story 🙂
Here is another story as well:
The 59-year-old (Paterson), who lives in California’s Hollywood Hills, occasionally hears Jackson’s soft voice in his head — a voice he can imitate almost perfectly. “He always told me to let the music talk to you,” Paterson said. “Don’t ever impose your thoughts on the music. The music will tell you what it wants to do.”
To Paterson, Jackson was the catalyst of his success, not the Wacko Jacko, off-the-deep-end image concocted by the tabloids. 

“I lived with Michael through all of those years with the press,” Paterson said. “I would sit in the trailer and he would cry. He would say ‘I don’t understand why they want to tear me apart.’”

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