Below is an entry that showed up late last night on the website guestbook entry.  I read this and started to cry.  It’s a beautiful testament not only to Michael, his strong faith in Jesus Christ, and what kind of person he truly was, by another person who had the blessing of knowing him for 2 years, but it is also one of many, many confirmations I continue to receive about the validity of what is on the website and how accurately it portrays what kind of person Michael was.  I take no credit for that, but thank my Heavenly Father, because this is all God’s doing.  He brought me the right people and the right information because, as all of you know, I never had the blessing to know Michael personally.  Praise God for continuing to validate what kind of man Michael was.  The truth is getting out there!  God will vindicate His child…the truth cannot be hidden.

jbwills Tuesday, 6/28/11, 11:49 PM
I first of all I would like show my appreciation for the time and effort put forth in compiling this website. The world has been exposed to many images of Michael often being harsh and unfair. I personally have had a chance to know Michael over a two year period and I have seen an image of an individual that I wish more people had known. Most have a defined view of such an iconic figure as his media image can’t be escaped. When I met him I was facing serious life challenges and transitions, way insecure. It truely was not a time I felt confident to meet such a notable public figure. In my personal struggle I found a graceous,compassionate,and honoring man. He is a gentle person that loves people. He loves to laugh and his joy, his big huge smile can light up a room. My moments with him over this period of time are filled with life as he belived in living life to its fullest. He forever has touched my heart in deep ways that have impacted my life. The expressions of Michael throughout this site are consistent to the man I knew. His faith is true and he was a humble expression of Christ’s love. As he walks in heaven this day his life can give testiment to many things, but i know he’d like most of all to underscore his faith in Jesus Christ. It opens ones eyes to see the impact we have on others, to truely make a difference this is the greatest part of his legacy. He would encorage everyone to reach out and make a difference to make the most of the short years God graceously grants. The world is a bit sadder without his presence but his life still speaks.~

Amen Jb and God Bless You for sharing this.