The following is shared by April Smith, who works for the County of Los Angeles:

“To make it clear once and for all….since I work for the County of Los Angeles I have privy to certain information….Michael Jackson was and IS INNOCENT OF CHILD MOLESTATION. 

There was a case opened and closed (the) same day…

  • NO evidence to further investigate
  • NO proof
  • NO prior history
  • NO basis for an investigation to even be started for DCFS, child endangerment or inappropriate behavior with any child including his own.

Michael Jackson was/is, in EVERY sense of the word…INNOCENT…PERIOD!” ~ April Smith, Los Angeles County worker

The allegations were made by Tom Sneddon, who, according to Smith and many other article sources, would stop at nothing to destroy Michael Jackson and much of it was thought to be racially provoked.

“Michael was SET UP!” added Smith

Official DCFS document which cleared Michael Jackson of any wrong-doing and had sworn statements from both Janet Arvizo (Gavin’s mother) and Gavin himself.  These papers were filed in 2003 BEFORE the Arvizo’s changed their story and set up Michael Jackson for EXTORTION 

Want to know more about DA Tom Sneddon and his history?

Tom Sneddon’s thorough investigation of Michael Jackson…PROVING Michael’s innocence!

Sneddon accused of malicious prosecution, conspiracy, abuse of power and civil rights violations

Excerpt: “Sundaram also attended a private fundraising dinner in 1994 where Tom Sneddon and other government officials allegedly discussed their plans to get rid of certain individuals in Santa Barbara who owned substantial amounts of land. Michael Jackson’s property was allegedly brought up during this meeting; Sundaram claimed that authorities wanted to acquire Neverland for vineyards.”

Also, some more in-depth info below:

Who is Tom Sneddon and what does he have against Michael Jackson?
Tom Sneddon was the prosecutor in the 1993 case and he is also the prosecutor involved with the current allegations. After spending millions of dollars on the Michael Jackson investigation in 1993, Sneddon came up empty handed. He brought his evidence (or lack thereof) in front of two grand juries and could not get an indictment. After that, he claims to have never given Michael Jackson another passing thought.
On the contrary, over the past ten years Sneddon has spoken to the New York Times, Showbiz Today, The Chattanooga Times, The New York Beacon, The Advertiser, Daily News, Broadcast News, the Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph and Vanity Fair Magazine about the 1993 case.
In 1995, Michael Jackson wrote a song about Tom Sneddon called “D.S.” In order to prevent a lawsuit, the lyrics say “Dom Sheldon is a cold man” but it is obvious who Michael is referring to. In the song he says, “He’s out to shock in every single way/ He’ll stop at nothing just to get his political fame/ He think he hot cause he BS DA/ I’ll bet he never had a social life anyway/ You think he brotha with the KKK/ I bet his mother never taught him right anyway/ He want your vote just to remain DA/ He don’t do half what he say.”
The feud between Michael Jackson and Tom Sneddon intensified when Mr. Sneddon changed the law as a result of the 1993 investigation. The law was changed so that if a civil lawsuit was filed, Sneddon would be able to put it on hold until after the criminal trial. Sneddon has made numerous statements over the past decade referring to the Jackson case as “open but inactive.” According to him, all they needed was a cooperative victim and the investigation would be re-opened.
Fast forward to February 2003. After “Living with Michael Jackson” aired, Sneddon was bombarded with media inquiries about the Michael Jackson case. In a press statement, Sneddon said, “After conversations with Sheriff Jim Anderson, it was agreed that the BBC broadcast would be taped by the Sheriff’s Department. It is anticipated that it will be reviewed.”
Regarding Jackson’s comments that he shared a room with children, Sneddon replied by saying it was, “unusual at best. For this reason, all local departments having responsibility in this are taking the matter seriously” but “Mental leaps of misbehavior are not acceptable as legal substitutes for credible, cooperative victims or percipient witnesses.” Then, in typical Sneddon style, he urged any victims to come forward. A few days later, somebody within the District Attorney’s office leaked Jordan Chandler’s affidavit from 1993 onto the Internet. On February 13, Tom Sneddon gave an interview to trashy tabloid journalist Diane Dimond where he again stressed the fact that if another victim came forward, the case would be re-opened.
Basically, after being made a fool of in 1993, Sneddon changed the law so that if any more victims came forward, they would be more inclined to cooperate in a criminal trial. This behavior alone shows that Sneddon was eager to convict Michael Jackson. Isn’t it a bit suspicious that the new victim just happens to be the one boy from a documentary that Sneddon admitted to watching? And that as soon as that boy appeared on television, the allegations from 10 years ago and the main players involved with them resurfaced?
Regardless of whether or not Sneddon had something to do with this boy coming forward, he was clearly happy about being able to reopen the Michael Jackson case. This was evident at a press conference held by the Santa Barbara Police Department on November 19th, 2003 where Mr. Sneddon laughed and made jokes.
Since arresting Michael Jackson, Sneddon’s actions have been questionable at best. Here is a chronological list of the stupid things Sneddon has said and done:
– During the press conference, Sneddon acknowledged that Michael was investigated in February but said “don’t assume it’s the same family.” He knew it was the same family, why did he make this statement?
– At the press conference, he invited more victims to come forward.
– He acknowledged that he knew about these allegations since June but didn’t take action until November because of Halloween. Yes, we wouldn’t want to upset anyone’s trick-or-treating experience, so let’s let an alleged pedophile run around for five months and finally raid his house on the day that his new CD comes out.
– Sneddon said that the law was changed so that child victims in a molestation case could be forced to testify. This was a lie; the law was changed so that if a civil suit was filed, it would remain inactive until the criminal matter was resolved.
– Sneddon swore that the family was after justice and not money even though it is a widely known fact that they went to a civil lawyer first.
– He gave yet another interview to Diane Dimond where he called Michael “Jacko Wacko.”
– Dimond admitted to knowing about the allegations months in advance. Why was the DA leaking information to a tabloid journalist?
– He delayed filing charges until December so that the SBPD could set up a website for members of the press.
– He hired a PR firm to help him deal with media inquiries (and slander Michael’s name in the press).
– He dismissed the Department of Children and Family Services investigation as an “interview” and accused the DCFS of being incompetent. It turns out that his own department also investigated Michael Jackson in February and came back with the same ruling as the DCFS.
– He said that if Michael Jackson’s claims of police abuse turned out to be false, he would charge him with making a false complaint even though Michael did not actually make a formal complaint. The SBPD, however, said they considered what he said on “60 Minutes” to be a formal complaint. This is not in accordance with the law.
– The alleged victim’s parents are currently in the midst of a custody battle. Sneddon wrote a letter to the judge in the custody proceedings requesting that the boy be kept from seeing his father. Why would the district attorney care if the boy saw his father? What does this have to do with the molestation case? Perhaps Sneddon does not want the boy to change his story once he’s no longer under the influence of his mother.
– Sneddon requested a grand jury instead of a preliminary hearing. Keep in mind that grand juries are usually convened before charges are filed. It seems that Sneddon is worried about what might happen if Mark Geragos gets a chance to speak with the alleged victim during the prelims. Perhaps he also doesn’t want any evidence pointing to Michael’s inncoence to be made public, which explains why he wants a grand jury (where the proceedings would be kept private if there was no indictment).
And this is just the beginning…
Has Tom Sneddon ever maliciously prosecuted anyone before?
Yes. Lawyer Gary Dunlap filed a $10 million lawsuit against Tom Sneddon in November 2003. In June of that year, Dunlap was acquitted of 6 charges brought against him by Sneddon. In a 102 page complaint, Dunlap accuses Sneddon of racketeering, witness tampering, conspiring against him and maliciously prosecuting him. The complaint also alleges that Sneddon violated Dunlap’s civil rights by conducting illegal searches of his property. In an interview with MJJForum Radio, Dunlap talks about Sneddon stacking charges in order to convict him on at least one count. He discusses Sneddon’s frequent abuse of power and claims that there are other lawyers who have seen this.
Here are some interesting quotes from Mr. Dunlap regarding the SBPD:
“It’s a very bad situation here in the north county, and the general public is very unaware of it because Tom Sneddon and his assistant up here have pretty much dominated the justice system in Santa Barbara County for several years.”
“His office is very powerful and public officials are intimidated by them, court personnel are intimidated by them, I mean, they just have had it their own way, and they pretty much do whatever they want. And the problem with it is, they do not take any kind of a leadership role with regard to law enforcement in the sense of protecting the public interests against excessive force. Rather, they promote excessive force by the various law enforcement agencies, by their attitude of protection and prosecution of cases that are clearly inappropriate.”
“The very fact that [Michael Jackson is] being prosecuted by Sneddon’s office does not cause me to have any reason to believe that he’s guilty in that, because of what I know about the district attorney’s office, I know that they do vindictive prosecutions on a routine basis. And I know that Sneddon has been, you know, chafing at the bit because he wasn’t able to prosecute him ten years ago. And so I don’t think that there’s any question that he’s being over targeted.”
Dunlap is not the only person who has taken legal action against Sneddon. In 2001, a man named Efren Cruz filed a federal suit against Santa Barbara prosecutors, accusing them of negligence and conspiracy to keep him in prison. The lawsuit accuses Tom Sneddon of malicious prosecution for withholding evidence favorable to the defense. Mr. Cruz spent four years in prison after being convicted of murder in 1997. According to the lawsuit, prosecutors had evidence favorable to Cruz but failed to hand it over to the defense before the trial. After Cruz was convicted, the real shooter was caught on tape confessing to the crime but unaccountable, Santa Barbara prosecutors stood by their conviction.
In 2002, Santa Barbara County law enforcement groups filed a lawsuit against Sneddon for threatining the police officers’ right to privacy. The lawsuit stems from a policy which allows the District Attorney’s office to give information about police misconduct to defense attorneys at its own discretion. According to Sgt. Mike McGrew, “It’s confusing. He’s an aggressive DA. There are actually no files right now on any officers in Santa Barbara. We really don’t know why he did this.” Future blackmail material perhaps?
Is Tom Sneddon a concerned government official seeking justice or is he merely a bully with a badge trying to get a celebrity conviction? For more insight into the answer to this question, let’s take a look at another molestation case that Mr. Sneddon completely ignored. In 2002, David Bruce Danielson, a forensic investigator for the Santa Barbara Police Department, was accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl.
According to an article written by Santa Maria Times columnist Steve Corbett, “Danielson came home after a night of drinking and crawled into his wife’s bed where the child, who was a guest in the home, was sleeping.” HOLD UP! A child sleeping in an unrelated adult’s bed? The outrage! Why didn’t Sneddon release a press statement condemning this behaviour as “unusual at best?” Why didn’t he vow to take the matter “very seriously?” Why didn’t he beg victims to come forward? Ahem. Moving on…
Apparently thinking the girl was his wife, Danielson “accidentally” molested her. Basically, this man admitted to touching this girl inappropriately but Sneddon closed the investigation stating that “subsequent investigation into the girl’s claims did not provide the required evidence necessary to file a formal charge and prepare for court.” Right. When there was no corroborating evidence to support Jordan Chandler’s story in 1993, did Sneddon close the investigation? Nope. He spent the next ten years of his life whining about not getting to prosecute that case. Well, Sneddon you had your chance to lock up an alleged sex offender and you let it slip. I guess it’s okay to molest young girls in Santa Barbara. Hell, you can even admit to it as long as you use the “I molested her by accident” defense.
Sneddon has been accused of witness tampering, malicious prosecution, enforcing corrupt policies and negligence. He obviously has a vendetta against Michael Jackson so what makes people think he would not resort to his old dirty tricks to get a conviction? Why anybody trusts this guy to seek the truth is beyond me.

Stay tuned also for an upcoming interview with someone who went to school with and befriended, Gavin Arvizo and how Gavin’s actions in school and his confessions PROVE Michael’s innocence.