Michael Jackson on the Victory Tour

Mtee Hall 

I saw Michael during the Victory tour in 1984 in New Jersey. It was the most I ever paid for a concert ticket, as a student then. Bought it from someone who was unable to attend for $75.00. It was simply incredible. You could feel the electricity as we approached the parking lot where fans were gathering, everyone so excited, happy, cheering, dancing as they proceeded to the concert gate. Just pure joy in the air. It was an experience that made me so happy because I was in the midst of people who were sharing such happiness amongst them. The concert audience filled with people of all color and age. It was remarkable. I was expecting it to be an all black audience or young crowd but was pleasantly surprised that it was not.Then, the pandemonium of when we spotted Micheal and his brothers approaching the stage from under the tent. The entire audience lost their mind and we never sat down from then till the performance was over. Needless to say, I lost my voice from screaming. Everywhere you looked, everyone was screaming, some crying. Grandmothers were up and dancing. It was electric. Then I saw him again at Madison Square garden for the Bad concert. It was so fulfilling, I cried after it was over. It’s just what he does on stage. He truly was the consummate entertainer.

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