Michael hugging a fan

Lise Charette 

Michael was such a beautiful and sincere person! I have meet him and yes i was change after i meet him. This man is special and we you hold his hand and give him a hug, you go a different person inside. Michael was that special! He had that big spiritual love inside of him and you could feel it when you look in is eyes and when you touch him. He was wonderful and so beautiful! I will never forget him! ♥♥

I saw him the first time live in Montreal in 1984 for the Victory tour.Then i sww him again in Toronto in 1984 for the same tourand i swe him in 1992 in Bucharestfor the Dangerous tour.and i will never vorget those shows! I got to meet him after all shows and hold his hand and MIchael was so humble and Sso normal for such a big star! He trully was beautiful and different from all those other artists that you meet!  He had something about him that made you change from inside every time you looked at him, talk to him, held his hand or held him in your arms.

il y a quelques secondes · J’aime

Everyone who met Michael, shares these same types of stories…that there was something about him, about being in his presence.  People who are very spiritual, as Michael was, many times you can feel a definite “something” in their presence.  It’s the love of God in their heart that comes shining through.  Every fan I’ve heard from that met him has experienced this and every person who befriended him who’ve I’ve spoken with or interviewed, has confirmed that they too felt this and it was overpowering.  You just felt surrounded by love in his presence.

How wonderful would it be if we could all do that for one another!  Much love.  Debbie