I went to see The King’s Speech at the movie theater yesterday.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to see or feel and I was pretty convinced beforehand that I would be bored out of my head with a movie about a king who stutters, but was grateful for the hours of diversion away from work.  Boy, was I wrong!  This movie had some deep and powerful messages.
First off, I always tend to be affected by what I see, hear and read and that always correlates with my own personal experiences and many of my personal experiences nowadays have to do with the Reflections on the Dance website and Michael Jackson as this aspect of my life takes up a lot of time.
Without giving away too many details, King George VI, took over the throne unwillingly after his Father passed and his older brother, heir to the throne, relinquished all duties of kinghood for the love of a woman.  King George VI had a severe stuttering problem from the age of about 4 or 5, on.  Once he was to become King, he and his wife both wanted to find a cure for this problem as it would affect his duties.
His wife sought out a doctor, Lionel Logue (pictured above, played by actor Geoffrey Rush, King George VI is played by actor Colin Firth).  Logue was a speech therapist with very unusual methods that had led him to great success with other sufferers.
Later into the plot, the King finds out that Logue is not really a doctor, at least not in the traditional sense with a degree, and does not have the qualifications necessary, by traditional thinking at least, to be considered an expert or able to treat any condition.  But, by this point, he had already had great success in treating the King.
Many times, in life, we don’t reach out and help others because we don’t feel we have the qualifications.  Logue came from a commoner’s family and he was reaching out and treating a King, royalty, and asking him to be equals, to share about his private life, things that royalty just did not do.  Logue stated emphatically that this was necessary in order for the treatment to work.  He was right, and the King came to trust him and they soon become life-long friends.  Logue, who was at least by the world, considered unqualified, and definitely unqualified to treat royalty in their view, helped King George VI overcome his speech impediment.
Michael, in many ways, is seen by some, especially those who believed all of the tabloid rumors, to have been unqualified as someone who could affect world leaders as well as common folk.  Talented in his genius, yes, but qualified to change and heal the world?  This was mocked by many, despite the truth that he was making a difference everywhere he went.  He had the talent and the ability.  He had the humility and the faith.  But, the world saw him, thanks to the media, as just another crazy, spoiled superstar.  Born with talent but no official qualifications.  No official dance lessons, self-taught.  No qualifications to be a messenger, but yet, he did just that.  He affected people on every corner of the earth, through his message, his lyrics, his music and his genuine heart and caring.
Michael, in fact, did prove, throughout his life, that he bore every single Fruit of the Spirit listed in the Holy Bible.

Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). The fruits are Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness and Temperance. (Much thanks to my friend Jared for this verse)
In this blog, we talk about the truth about Michael Jackson and also his message and all he stood for.  One thing that always stands out with Michael, is his speaking about love.  He spoke many times about Jesus’ words of loving others, being kind, humility, being a servant, remaining humble like a child.
Considered musical royalty himself as the King of Pop, Michael never took that title to heart in a narcissistic fashion.  He continued to help others and always took time out for his fans.

Michael also spoke of using the God-given abilities and platform you’ve been given..everyone from someone who sweeps floors or cleans toilets to an artist…use what you’ve been given, and be the absolute best at it.
So many times we walk through life and just go through the motions.  We can’t achieve our full potential unless we really reach out and use what we’ve been given and help others.
It can be scary, no doubt.  Using our abilities is very rewarding and yet also incredibly unnerving and vulnerable.  We risk putting ourselves out there, and we risk being snubbed by someone we try to help.  This happened to Logue many times throughout his trying to help King George VI.  Logue was ridiculed at times by the King, he was put down, he was snubbed.  But, Logue never gave up and the two became life-long friends as well as Logue changing King George VI’s life due to his persistence.  
This reminds me so much of Michael.  Michael persisted through snubs, vulnerability, a fame that was paralyzing, lies and rumors, false accusations, attacks at his character and so much more, but he persisted through it all and continued to use what God gave him and in doing so, he affected the entire world…through his music, through his dance, through his kindness and the love he continued to show no matter how much he was hated on.  He changed kids’ lives by paying for their surgeries and spending time with kids who were so ill and downtrodden.  He reached out no matter the consequence.
When we take that step, we can help to change the world.  When we don’t, the potential lies there, becoming null and void due to lack of action.
There are people all around us every day that need us…need our encouragement, our help, our love.  Michael knew this and he acted on it.  Will you?  Who are the King George VI’s of the world that you can be a Logue for?