This story is a bit off-topic for a Michael Jackson blog, but it’s relevance is in the story itself.  If we follow our hearts and our dreams and follow the path that God has put us on, as Michael did, then we truly CAN change the world, even if it’s a small town in New Hampshire.  Every person affects other people.  Our actions, whether good or bad, affect others.  When we put that energy out there, it has a ripple effect and that ripple on the ocean continues a chain reaction.  None of us, or what we do, are insignificant.  Michael always spoke of that.

Michael always spoke about using your God-given abilities and that no matter what you do, do it better than anyone.  When we reach out and act out of our heart, our true selves, we can affect our homes, our families, our cities and even the entire world as Michael did.  This young couple from France moved to a small town in New Hampshire, opening a French bakery.  The impact they had on the town is incredible!…

Neighbors started speaking more with one another, smiling at one another, other businesses renovated, the town began attracting tourists and revenue, all because someone decided to follow their dream ♥

Michael stated in the interview that it didn’t matter if you swept floors or painted ceilings, as Michaelangelo did…you can and will impact the world by being the best at what you do, by being yourself and sharing what God gave you. That’s exactly what Michael did. Admittedly, God gave Michael a plethora of talent as well as an amazing heart and soul, but no matter who we are, what we do for a living, what abilities we have, we can use them to glorify the One who gave them to us as Michael did, and by doing so, we can have a great impact on those around us and everyone we come into contact with ♥ Change the world ~

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